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  1. 1.2 Development Update

    Bummer ... didnt see this message before i send out my email ... sow only the first message at my screen .. thats what you get if you use an old 14" monitor. lets try it one more time with edited subject line ... A_Alias
  2. Status: Where is my Beta 3?

    and ... as we are one month later is it stable eneuf for the bigger public ??? about those world languages ... would that not work like finding out the weel again into each language ... or are those mods translate mayor problems and fixes for it so that the whole group of users can read about it??? A_Alias
  3. ApexDC++ OP

    I stopped to use the detection by beta2 some clients crashed during the try to connect to a hub when APEXDC++ 1.0.0B2 directly pulled thier share list ... by zion you could use a delay to pull thier list after connecting to an hub. (and bigger hubs have a hard time at startup after a crash or if i login when apex try to check all list at once) so on top of the delay to check users something like check max 5 to 10 users at once would solve that. stil i think it would be even better to put those checks into the hubsoftware or hub bot that will safe that to many ops try to do the same tests and waste resources that way. whats also needed is more flexebillety ... aka users whit an bad internet connection who jump in and out a lot ... those should be only tested like one time every xx HR ... an easy right click function to ad users to various trusted/check levels ... aka total bypas ... check once a week only (based on thier nick and ip or CID .. the last one would be maybe even better couse it will work better for those who hae an dynamic IP) than we have peeps who are an op at multy hubs ... like 5 or 10 ... most users have the same intrst and thats why i would like to pull thier list based on IP+nickname ... now i pulled lots of list serval of times on divrend hubs ... and some of those users have big sharelist over 1MB also it would be nice if Apex can see if any other autochecking clients are around ... so that an user dont have 10 or more ops that try to pull his list if he connect to an hub. maybe set it by levels if there isnt an op client that use an higher level .. than your client start todo the job. and an easy setup that ops who do the detection .. let it autopost to opchat ( or pm to listed ops ) by favorite hubs that would be nice. lots of users dont seams to like if thier list get pulled to much. another one is a more advanced ADLSearch like zion have those forbidenfiles(or searchstring ) folders it would be handy to get multy(or searchstring ) folders forbidenfiles .. that giv a a better overview ... not all forbiden files are a kick or ban .. if the get splitted up an op can se more easy if its just a warning ... kick ... time ban or permban. zion have those right click to open an URL like WHOIS and to search at hublist.org would like to get that into apax too but that more flexible ... not hard coded into the client but on a base you can easy make RC and / commands that handle URL (airdc have one but its limmited to / commands only) well i might have to wait whats all inside the beta3 and see than what can be made better. A_Alias
  4. Check Share according to userlevel

    those checks pulled a lot of uneeded file list for regular users.. would be the best to have this future only in OP client. what if a regular user found a cheat ... he only can start to bark to that user but cannot bite. and even if it comes a part into the OP version ... it would be nice to have a rightclick to easy ad a trusted level(s) for a NICK but include the curent IP or CID ( yeh include ip or CID to check if user Bob on one hub is the same as the other Bob on the other hub ... as most ops are on multy hubs ) also the check on connect need to be reduced ... for example if an op have a bad connection to a hub and reconnect ... it shows all users as fresh connected and started to pull thier list (( thats what i know from zion++ i did not tested the one from apexdc++0.2.2 yet)) so check the same nick+ip max twice 24 HR would be nice ( even better if those default max check values can be adjusted ) personal i like to have this levels trusting level 1. unreg reg check on conecting max 2 x into 24 HR trusting level 2. peeps you think you can trust max 1 x into 48 HR trusting level 3. vips and oldtimers at the hub max 1 x a week trusting level 4. ops and above (why not) max 1x a month bad shares should also be looked for with an advanced ADL search that can do PM users + oproom , kick or even ban for bad files ( a easy way to ad bad TTH strings to ADL search would be great too ) afcourse with setings to limit for search frequences i can imagine to many searches would be bad in the bigger hubs. A_Alias PS would it be poseble to write a bot ( for all common hubsoftware ) so that there can be created a trusted list and that that list get loaded to ApexOP client??
  5. Smart Hashing

    I think its fine the way it is ... think about all those double file names peeps can have at thier share. for example some tools have default names ... for audio files track01 , track02 ...... are common names. if you dont check the TTH and remove a set of files ad a new set of files with indentical names how can the client know its the same set/file or a new one. the only safe way i can think on is to ad a function to Apex to move folders so it know than it must be the same set if the hashing bloat your system ... you can also simple set it to a lower max hash speed. (for the peeps who know what the do there is an option to close apex ... move your files ... edit the hashindex.xml and it wont rehash) A_Alias
  6. Why make a client that destroys DC++?

    128 kbit and 256 kbit are still used by lots of ISP's cant blame users that there isnt a better connection to them (or not can pay bigg cash for faster lines) 128 kbit will give like 14 kB/s and if you allowed those users to run at 10 kB/s the have some left to get email and brouwse the web and it keep thier line more stable if upload isnt maxed out. for users who have 512 kbit (54kB/s) who like todo torrents and direct connect at the same time 22kB for DC 22 kB for torrent keep em stable. some conections run way better if you limmit to use max 80% to 95% from your total upload power. beter a slower users that runs 24x7 than those who go away to work and get emails on thier PC's. for some peeps there is just the need to run more than only thier DC client. right now i have 768kbit (82kB/s) and i noticed how lower your capped how more there was the need to limmit the upload to keep the line working on my ADSL against cheats and leechers let upload limmits also limmit thier download speeds a smart thing is than to work with a table every upload limmiter setup below: 5 kB/s get max 1 times the value download speed 10 kB/s get max 2 times the value download speed 20 kB/s get max 2.5 times the value download speed 30 kB/s get max 3 times the value download speed 40 kB/s get max 3.5 times the value download speed 50 kB/s get max 4 times the value download speed 60 kB/s get max 5 times the value download speed 70 kB/s get max 6 times the value download speed 80 kB/s get max 7 times the value download speed and for higher levels unlimmited download speeds even if you do this ... netlimmiter can be used ... if the realy like to cheat there isnt a way to hold em away from it. A_Alias
  7. think the like on top of the disconect slow users .... to keep the fastest one with higest priorety
  8. New Pm Icon (Tray)

    the BOLD NICKNAME works fine for me ... as op i get lots of PM's so i setup to use more rows for the tabs ( 6 to 10 ) most of the time ... it depands what screen resolution i can work with the hardware i use. if the font coller change is used i like it to be used for on and ofline users .... just my 2 cents ... afcourse it would be wild if it all can be done by settings so every one can easy mod the client the way it fits thier needs.
  9. Hub Flooders

    so far the spammer dont use self reg ... so most hubs have a way to block Private message's for unreged users. yn-hub ptokax shadow based hubs the all can run into semi publick mode ... user need to reg at the hub itself before the can use all functions like sending a PM. [edit] WHOOPS this item looks to be main chat spam and not PM [/edit] A_Alias
  10. sigments seams to be splitted up in chunks from ONE MB ... so what i have seen on zion++ you only wait a few minutes more if you use a high setting for disconect slow users if there are multy sources. i dit not read it that way that its only for the last part from a file .... into the original post. A_Alias
  11. use the settings .... slower hashing thake less resources. did you setup ApexDC .... or just started to run it ???? A_Alias
  12. Flagging user based on his IP

    for what ?? to block the ones you dont like ????? some hub software have ugly futures like that ... let only users from a few (fast) isp on it ... but i dont think it should be a part from a client. ( into otherwords if you have an ugly ISP that make divrends to local and world wide transfairs ... create you own my_isp_is_sucks_hub and filter at hubsoftware who is allowed to use that hub) A_Alias
  13. wel the download queue isnt that hard ... in case your selected a full share list what happend with new users who dont read how things work but just click away , or if you downloading a directory with multy files ... Download queue is the place where you can simple see what you all have queued and what you like to delete. the only change that can be good is to have default settings that open the download queue at start up. its like learn how to drive a car ... only press that right pedle get the car moving but for good results they need to learn how to breake and thake those corners. A_Alias
  14. Disabling scrool in cha window

    I use the LOG files if needed ... just aneble to log everything ... right click open log. but i remember indeed some client who have settings by advanced to turn off the auto scroll if you scrolled up yourself.. ( when you scrolled totaly down the auto scroll to latest message got activated again ) if i'm right it was BCDC++ but correct me if i'm wrong. A_Alias
  15. there is a setting to remove conections if the are slow. (as i'm just start my test run i did not yet tested if it worked correct ) settings > adfanced > limmits A_Alias
  16. Network stat in Toolbar

    think its a bad thing as that part use a bit of uneeded resources .... at the botem from the client you can see it all into TXT ... the actuel upload and download speed. A_Alias PS: i think you can adjust to cascade to few the sreens .... rezise and few the stats durenig all other things you do on DC
  17. User viewing his own share

    I think the place is fine how more is directly on the top page how worse it is for newbies... but if more users like it to have it at the toolbar ... i sugest to create a link that can be optional activated ( same counts for the Power PC of buton client would be more safe if its not activated out off the box ) lots of current DC++ clones have that future to open own list think it started from 0.67x into the old days started by me dc++ 0.12 ... (and neo crappus) the future was there by use of " open file list ... than brouwsed to the folder where your client is and into the root was Mylist.DcLst open it and you see your own share in real time. A_Alias
  18. Preview with

    the right click view as TXT works fine ... and the option menu you can put your favorite apz listed to do those things with media files if i'm right ( think it shoul you open unfinished mp3 and listen to your part you have recieved not shore as i did not tested it yet ) A_Alias
  19. Search for alternates

    Did you try match queue indeed automatic did not work for me to .... but search for alternates... and than select those users and choiche match queue looked to work .. only did not yet got a multy source download couse there where no free slots by other peeps ( started yesterday with this client and i use 0.2.0 ) A_Alias PS: maybe this should be posted by bug reports ???
  20. Why make a client that destroys DC++?

    well well well the original DC++ let me run nothing else than DC++ on my connection (specaily into the past when my ISP could only over a 64/512 ADSL line. so those who run more than just a DC++ client , like i even runned a hub on that crappy line ... need to be able to limmit the amount of upload by DC++. the time that we have DC++ 0.12 even the neo modus original client runned better for me. I agree limmiters should be showed into the tag and a ratio from max 4 to 1 down up looks to be fine to me. the only reason the hide limmiters is that some hub owners/(bot)developpers are to stupide to get those basic know how about how things can run more smooth. the only serious thing against leechers is if there comes a upload download ratio checker build in to all clients. but a save way with out change the cheat a way around it would be hard to create. clients with a limmiter let me get email and brouwse the web with out that my line get almost dead couse dc++ thake all upload , it let user connect from thier ( fast ) work connection , it let users do Torrents and use DC at the same time. i'm prety shore it bring only more users to hubs if there are clients that let you be the boss over the connection you use instead of a silly aplication that think its cool to use all resources you have. at my ISP i can see the amount off data trafic i generate ... and even i'm limmit torrents and DC uploads .. i have more upload that downloading ( 125 to 200 GB a month upload right now ) 1.5 TB a year on my capped 80kB/s upload. some times i test one of the new original clients and at that time my upload get bloated that it dont even can get the max speed anymore. if we all have 10 Mbit up/down on the same protocol it would be way more easy to make a nice and cheat protected client. darn my 3rd post here and reading it back its a bit negative ... come on KEEP Direct Connect for FUNN and Plesure ..... A_Alias
  21. ApexDC++ OP

    the zion++ bleu op client 1.14 and above was based on DC++ 0.674 ( the latest one before the stoped the project was 2.02 ) if you coppy anything from that source please delete the bug's before you use it. A_Alias
  22. ApexDC++ OP

    wel right now i use zion++ ( include the ****load off bugs ) i stoped with DCDM a long time ago as it wasnt getting good search results from all clients and even worse have trouble to get file list from newer clients. an upload limmiter is needed for me to keep my adsl line going smooth ... with out limmiter most clients thake all the power from the line and thats prety bad cause i run my hub(s) from my home line. afcourse some protection to abuse limmiters is needed. as all hubs have divrend rules and week points into thier software ( or functions ) an OP client need to have all poseble options to be configured for the need that an op have ... like YNhub is missing out of the box a good fake share checker ... zion solved it. but i know a few hubs that make use from fake shares they bloat thier share size to keep other peeps out of thier hubs with a minium share from a few dozen TB's. a sripted fake share where an op can adjust the triggers and have options to PM , Kick , time ban , perm ban a user would be good ( some build in fake share checkers into the core from some hubs / clients dont let you adjust the valeu for share into bites ... known isue is the 111111 at the begining of the share in bytes whare you come on if you just share above one TB and the known fake shres have them only at the end at the share in bytes) it would be handy if there is a gui where you can setup (by faforite hubs) for each hub how to handle file formats/ file names. so it can optional send automatic PMs to users on forbiden share based on " file name " file extension " or even on " TTH string " if poseble ... a light client for ops better good uptimes than have emotion packs media player suport and all other junk thats just for the funn. if it get a share list checker .... i like to get it that it check a user only once every xx HR and at login from a hub .. check only a few users at the time ... on big hubs it hog the hub if an op pulled all share list at once. cant remember what client it was but there was one that got kicked for flooding at connecting or even more worse crashed the hub by the heavy load on connecting. i'm a multy hub op so a future to check a sharelist based on username+IP would be great so it dont double or triple check the same users. afcource an easy to use right click to make regular hubbers a trusted user ( with an optional skip check or less frequent check ) would be nice. an option how to get cheats reported ... aka in main chat , pm from your client or a PM to the opchat. for booth OP and regular client it would be good that the BLACK list for other clients is based as an option to turn on for each client type. its prety sucks if your allowed DC++ MODS into the hubs your on and STRONG DC based clients block others to get even the share list ... DC hubs are to share and should not be a plase where DEV's fight thier war who have the best client and block other mods ( the hubs i'm on are discuse to block all moded client who dont share to all other users) good suport to write custom RAW commands would be nice ( and afcourse suport for RAW comands , even hub specific by favorite hubs ) A nice future would also be that the client shut down when it get used by a user with out any key ... think it should be able to make that scripted as it showed into the tag that your connected as an op to xx hubs. on that way its not a toy to play with for non ops. hide the share from ops is a bad thing todo in my opinion .. it let others think its cool to dont have a huge share ... than i like more the inviseble admin mode that some hubs have ... you can lurk the hub but the dont see you at all. even some of the ops are morons ... so out of the box every futer should be switched of an a clear help file should guide them to get the advanced futures to work. i can write some more but maybe i should first run the (regular/op) client to see how it works now on a test PC. A_Alias