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  1. Why forcing ApexDC++ update?

    Why can't people see the reasoning behind beta builds, They are for testing purposes only & as such developers have the right to disable earlier versions. The ApexDC team are kind enough to allow the general public access to these builds, as such we ought to be grateful to be included in the testing thereof. No wonder there is no regular public opportunity to test any alpha builds, also good job the development team don't show the same attitude otherwise this wonderful client would never have got past version 0.0.1. Keep up the good work on an excellent client & don't let the moaners get on your nerves.
  2. ApexDC++ OP

    The standard ApexDC works quite well as an op client, at least its a viable option till the OP version is released.
  3. File Download Quirk

    I am not using emulation as i like using Apex as it should be used, To be honest i never would have noticed it happening thats why i called it a quirk. Its a miniscule blip in an excelent client, but one i thought you all should be aware of
  4. File Download Quirk

    Thats what he is getting from his end as someone else seems to start downloading from him & i then go back to the auto grant slot that he has on permanently for me.
  5. File Download Quirk

    This is more a quirk than a full blown bug, but a friend pointed out to me that my client downloads in 1mb segments & loses connection after each one before starting the next segment. Is this just a 1 off or has anyone else experienced this too.
  6. DC Server Software

    I agree Verlihub on a linux system is ideal for a big hub, but if you only have a windows system Ptokax or YnHub. (Don't be scared to try Ptokax as theres plenty of help available for setting up.)
  7. Released: ApexDC++ 0.2.0 (Preview 2)

    This is a bit of a knee jerk comment. What would be the point of these people making a client in the way you suggest. You also fail to take into account these are preview versions & as such under very active development. My sugestion to you would be to use patience & wait for the completed release, this will very likely be operating to everyones likeing.
  8. Why make a client that destroys DC++?

    I don't see what his problem is, there is nothing to stop any client being limited with programs like netlimiter. I have used it myself without any op etc in the hubs any the wiser. At least if its in the program then it can be seen & also how much someone is limiting.
  9. PeerGuardian PlugIn

    Have you got a direct link for the blocklist you access as i find the blocklists for the full pg2 were stopping instant messenger programs like bitwise working. I was using blocklist manager to make a list but i found the list in apex was a better one & transfered that to pg2.
  10. Version 0.2.0 Peerguardian plugin

    Please accept my appologies
  11. Version 0.2.0 Peerguardian plugin

    Yes you are right i have peerguardian installed, but the plugin works ok in version 0.1.0 but not in the new one. Thats the reason i thought it was a bug
  12. Version 0.2.0 Peerguardian plugin

    In the settings part where the interface is for the peerguardian controls it stays the same as when no plugin is installed. I even tried re-downloading the plugin incase that had been updated. As a result i have gone back to the earlier version of the client till there is a workaround. Keep up the good work on an excellent client.
  13. Looks like the new version has a problem with the peerguardian plugin. On the whole the new version looks better with the exception of this problem. i even tried a full uninstall & then a clean install but still the same problem, the new client doesn't seem to see the plugin as being there
  14. [OP] renameable raws

    It would be nice to have the ability to name the raw comands like in dcdm, that way you can see at a glance what its for. Myself i found this to be a big plus on that client, probably find most ops who have used a selection would agree.
  15. Slow Disconnects

    My answer to you is if you don't like what a client does, why not use one that does what you want. Thats your choice don't moan at coders that are doing a hard job making an excelent client that the majority of us want. If you don't like this comment try learning coding then you can adjust the client to your specs