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  1. ApexDC++ Windows User Guide

    ApexDC++ Windows User Guide Within the attached pdf are the most important guides generated by the community. This is designed to help out the newbie and/or the skilled user in order to allow them to take full advantage of features available in ApexDC++. Anything you would like to suggest, please post here, including grammar and spelling errors. If you have layout suggestions, feel free to post them Updated at 01/10/07: -How To Install The PeerGuardian Plugin topic by Lee and ifmn -Fixed some word alignments Updated at 12/22/06: - Added Advanced Settings Topic by Balder - Added links to original topics See you, Keine ApexDC++ Windows User Guide.pdf
  2. Back :)

    Hello I used to hang here a little before having to stop due to having almost no spare time to help at Forums/TAN/Apex testing I see that Apex has now more than 1 million downloads! Great milestone Congratulations to the entire Apex team for this accomplishment! I'm glad to be back //Keine
  3. Away from forums for a while

    For educational reasons, I'll have to retire myself from forums because of studies season starting again (and I want to get into a Medicine school). So, in the meantime, comp will be used only in my spare time (wich is not big). I should be back in November~December max. I'm asking for a temp demotion, as stated in a conversation with Lee. See you all later, folks, will try to get back on forums asap Good Luck with Apex testing/development. (Sorry about my crappy English) Best regards, Keine
  4. Commands in main

    Try /help at mainchat... All commands will appear for you on the screen //Keine
  5. ApexDC++ Linux development

    Dugg =)
  6. upload problems

    Maybe doing a checkup on your telephone line may help too... If attenuation is too high, then you have speed problems, including stability problems too You need to contact your ISP in order to do those tests. //Keine
  7. Ip info in finished download/uploads

    Since by the time we don't have any whois command when right-clicking a transfer, I advise you to write down the IP you want some info from and go to a site like DNS Stuff and perform a Whois Lookup. About the flags you mentioned, please go to Help --> GeoIP Database Update --> Download the file Unpack and put the file GeoIPCountryWhois.csv it at your Settings folder (By default, should be: X:\Program Files\ApexDC++\Settings, where X is your HDD) Then, go to Settings --> Appearance and check "Get User Country". Restart the client and you should be sorted now. Regards, //Keine
  8. downloading problem in apex dc ++

    When it's possible, I'm online at TGO... If you need anything, please PM me there or any other OP and we will help you Regards, //Keine
  9. Does Apex support the STUN protocol?

    I thought it would be useful because some users, even when you explain to them how to setup everything, including nat, firewalls and etc, they still mess the whole thing up... So, considering that bebo189 said he could exchange files with a NAT'ed friend, this protocol could make an "automatic" setup for those users in order to allow them share files across the internet. I'm not disconsidering Crise's solution to get external IP addresses, just trying to make things easier to newer ApexDC++ users. Sorry if i misunderstood this... //Keine
  10. Does Apex support the STUN protocol?

    Yeah, Sidetrack, I agree with you... UDP tranfers will bring us plenty of problems But, browsing STUN'S Wiki Page a little bit more, you can find at the bottom the following: STUNT - STUN and TCP too, which extends STUN to include TCP functionality Maybe supporting it will permit NAT users to have better transfer speeds and connectivity... I don't know how difficult it would be to implemented, but, anyway, it's a good sugestion... Please read: STUNT'S Protocol page STUNT'S Forums Anyway, bebo189, it's a pretty cool suggestion :) Let's wait for Crise and see what he has to tell us about this Regards, //Keine
  11. Expert Needed

    There's another topic from you talking about the same subject Please visit it here: Topic //Keine
  12. TLS - How do I know...

    In order to find ADC-compliant hubs, use the following hublist: How do I add them do ApexDC++? Check this guide out: Adding Hublists Hope it has helped you... //Keine
  13. New firewall

    Considering we do not know the reason for your wavering speeds, we will disable the feature "Enable slow downloads disconnecting" To do that , go to Settings --> Advanced --> Limits: Now, you need to open an exception for ApexDC++ so it can communicate with other computers across the internet. Please do so by checking This Sygate Firewall Tutorial at Now, go to ApexDC++ and setup the same ports you used at the firewall (you may use your own or the ones described at the link). Please note, as stated by Sidetrack, you should use four-digit ports (five-digit ones are handled in some different way). Side note: Don't mind with TLS port... If you want to know, more about it, check this guide out. Go to Settings --> Connection Settings and setup the options as shown at picture below: Restart ApexDC++ and you should be able to download everything you want to :whistling: If anything goes wrong, post here, please... Regards, //Keine
  14. LUA

    If the client has lua support, like BCDC++ or DCDM++, you can run external scripts that will add more functionality to them... You can make simple tings with lua like saying "Hello" in all hubs when you enter or kick/ban irregular users. For further information, please visit The PtokaX LUA Language Board This forum is intended for PtokaX scripts (made with lua), but it has also some support for that programing language. Any other questions, feel free to post :whistling: //Keine
  15. WAVERING Upload Speed! why?

    The first thing i thought is some sort of problem with your line, but i can't confirm that... Did you edit any of your connection settings or are you using some external software like NetLimiter or ZoneAlarm (conflicts with apex)? Try checking if this occurs with active people downloading from you too... Post more info so i can try to reach a solution for you Att, Keine
  16. Favorite hubs categories & download mp3 info

    Do you mean something like FreeDB or CDDB (for music)? So the id3 infos would be stored on a separate file, having no risk to get banned because of a too large filelist... Atm I think that implementing those categories like Music, Videos and so on is a great thing, maybe later the dev team would implement id3lib...
  17. Favorite hubs categories & download mp3 info

    Do you mean soethink like FreeDB or CDDB (for music)? I don
  18. Favorite hubs categories & download mp3 info

    This is a good feature.. I edited myself my Favorites.xml in some categories, like international hubs, hubs where i'm registered and so on.. but it takes some time...
  19. Translating help

    Please do not use wordpad for translating, use Notepad++ instead. This program has syntax highlighting, pretty useful to find errors across the file... Without having access to the file, it's difficult to tell you what's going wrong. Try to find wrong syntaxes like String Name="AcceptedDisconnects"> instead of <String Name="AcceptedDisconnects"> and use UTF-8 for character codification. Post here if you didn't understand or anything else is wrong... Sorry if I didn't make myself clear enough //Keine
  20. Features for Hub Owners

    Almost all those features requests you mentioned above are present in ApexDC++ 0.4.0. Being exact: - Check Fake Share - Check Clients - Check File Lists - Hide Share - Automatically Get IP on Startup - Add a (Working) "automatically get IP" (When starting ApexDC) Regarding the others mentioned, they seem to be pretty useful though, but this ins not the ApexDC++ OP version yet Kicking Proxy (Socks5) connections is a good feature that surely SkyNet (ApexDC++ OP version dev) will include in op client. //Keine
  21. Message Filtering feature

    Death To AdultFinder (D2AF) - a Lua 5 script- does this by using a pre-made and self updateable spam addy list. But blocking all PMs will annoy users because they often send web links as we do every time at tgo. Are there any possibility to use a PM scanner and use D2AF's database (it's a txt file) ? The user could update the plugin definitions like in the PeerGuardian feature. If you want the files, contact me and i'll try to find fresh ones. Don't know if I made myself clear enough, sorry :whistling: //Keine
  22. Linux Project Development

    ADC Hubs for testing may be found at this hublist: Anything else, just ask. //Keine
  23. Released: ApexDC++ 0.4.0 (Preview 4)

    Will install it soon and see what santa prepared for us today Cheers
  24. Merry Christmas!

    No snow here for me What about the christmas candies? I want them all lol
  25. Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to everyone , I haven't forgot mom's present and don't know about the turkey, only want to eat it :P