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  1. Few errors & features

    This feature *works* in ApexDC 1.2.0Beta, just checked that (I'm the admin of one russian-speaking hub, so i have dozens of nicks to check ) Probably, there exist more precise conditions when this occurs.
  2. ApexDC++ Translations

    Dear Lee, it seems to me that ppl cannot download attached files when they're not logged in. Is this a bug? I believe that some of them are too lazy to register on this forum only for such a purpose... Probably we should put all translations on your web server, but not as forum attachments?
  3. ApexDC for external HDDs

    The most annoying is not the fact that we must refresh share when we plugin half of dozen of eHDDs The 'clever' fix of this problem is *not to hash* unchanged file twice, like eMule and other ed2k clients do. This is made via NTFS iStream,afaik...
  4. Flag bug

    Seems this link contains the answer: This is a new ISO code of Serbia.
  5. Duplicated Exit confirmation dialog box

    Is there everybody on winter holydays? Any comments? It's so easy to check/confirm/reject... :)
  6. Well, I'm not sure this is a new bug, but: When ApexDC was trayed, i rightclicked icon and said 'Exit'. A standard confirmation dialog box appeared with the question 'Really exit?'. Then something disturbed me, and i switched to another window (non-Apex). After that i forgot about first dialog and clicked icon again. A context menu appeared, and i said 'Exit' once more. Wow! Second confirmation dialog appeared (with the same question about exit). When i clicked "yes" on one dialog, nothing happen. Apex was waiting for second confirmation. When i clicked "yes" on the second box, Apex closed. I think such msgboxes must be modal for entire application, including the tray icon.
  7. Released: ApexDC++ 1.2.0 Beta

    Well, will test new release... Thanks, as always :)
  8. Some site and forum suggestions.

    ... so Russian translation link too, PLEASE It must point to post ::
  9. High CPU use in 1.1.0

    But app *must* run smoothly in all possible cases. Disabled multisource *cannot* eat much CPU time itself (moreover, it must *save* CPU time...), it's definitely a bug somewhere...
  10. Well, we CANNOT spend 2-3 seconds while FL is downloaded... But hence we MUST SPEND lots of time extracting FL changes by own eyes, if we need that changes... Well, i'm giving up in arguing, it's useless.
  11. We can optimize this bahavior... For example we can strip those attributes from XML immediately after FL is downloaded (if we dont want to use this feature and do not want to store additional data)... So OPs can carry lots of FL without bloating (it only affects FL DL time, not a disk space) Moreover, we can introduce a special filter function that is applied to each downloaded FL that removes garbage from it... For example, exclude filez by mask/etc... :)
  12. Compiling ApexDC++

    Alana, thanx for vld link, tired to goooooogle it Happy compiling!
  13. someone screwed this client

    wise words Good software must react properly on any input data. Btw, thanks for quick fixing. Hope this topic can be closed, since last version of Apex has no problems with it.
  14. SFV Support

    This feature is only for scene releasers. ONLY. Unixoids use md5/sha summing, for example.... Sure this can be implemented as Apex plugin, not as client kernel feature.
  15. Confirmed, but this obviously must be patched at StrongDC client....
  16. Windows XP SP2, not SP3 with no updates installed... Well, will try again...
  17. Apex Search Responder Bug

    hmmm... interesting... Thanx, will patch my apex src & see what we get then...
  18. Apex Search Responder Bug

    Well, I confirm Rolex's described behavior. Also there are some problems with cyrillic names. E.g. we can search a compound title like "word1 word2" where word1 & word2 are cyrillic names. Then search return nothing. When we search "word1" or "word2" separately, we got proper response. I completely give up inunderstanding wtf because watched search code & found no troubles there... :(
  19. Hmm, there obviously must be some special conditions.... I crapped bot PM but couldn't catch that freeze... Well, does other party responses are important in this situation when client freezes? (my bot replies with a single phrase immed after smb PMs it).
  20. Modify MAGNET funktion

    please correct spelling, the word 'chance' you're using has another meaning you mean 'change', obviously, not 'chance'. Btw, interesting mod...
  21. Plus one to the request... Or make this trigger modifyable (regexp,etc)
  22. At least it will be useful in LANs, so this increases the popularity of our favorite ApexDC in these networks. If we really think about 'bloating' then we should immediately remove all XML filelists and use a kind of binary format. The amount of filelists is the nearly-zeroth part of Network content, so if we care about a few kilobytes, then we should forget about downloading gigs of media files. Hence, what we're doing in the P2P world then?!?!
  23. 1.1.0 and CPU surges

    What happens if you make a clean installation of Apex and transfer only basic settings (like Favorites.xml)?
  24. ApexDC++ Translations

    Thank you, SHERIFA. I will fix diff-code now :huh:
  25. ApexDC++ Translations

    mmm... am I blind? Cannot see any diff in 1st post Here it is (diff -u) --- EN_Example.xml 2008-06-11 21:40:19.291000000 +0400 +++ EN_Example.1.0.1.xml 2008-04-03 22:49:53.953125000 +0400 @@ -914,6 +914,16 @@ <String Name="SettingsSkiplistShare">Share skiplist (wildcards supported, use semicolon to separate entries)</String> <String Name="CheckSettings">Check connection</String> + <String Name="WinampBack">Back</String> + <String Name="WinampPlay">Play</String> + <String Name="WinampPause">Pause</String> + <String Name="WinampNext">Next</String> + <String Name="WinampStop">Stop</String> + <String Name="WinampVolUp">Volume up</String> + <String Name="WinampVolHalf">Volume 50% / Mute</String> + <String Name="WinampVolDown">Volume down</String> + <String Name="ToggleToolbar">Media Toolbar Ctrl+4</String> + <String Name="WinampSpam">Post media spam to main chat</String> <String Name="Threshold">Threshold users</String> <String Name="GetIp">Get IP address</String> @@ -940,6 +950,7 @@ <String Name="IgnoredUsers">Ignored users</String> <String Name="IgnoreClear">Clear</String> + <String Name="FormatBiu">Format bold, italics and underline in chat (may cause some display problems with MOTD's and ASCII pictures)</String> <String Name="ProtUsers">Protected prefixes</String> <String Name="ProtDesc">Exclude users from checking (wildcards, use semicolon to separate entries)</String> @@ -1056,7 +1067,7 @@ <String Name="LogChat">Log chat</String> <String Name="FavProtUsers">Protected prefixes (wildcards supported, use semicolon to separate entries)</String> - <String Name="ToggleQsearch">Quick Search Ctrl+4</String> + <String Name="ToggleQsearch">Quick Search Ctrl+5</String> <String Name="QsearchStr">Quick Search...</String> <String Name="SearchDetectTth">Automatically switch search type to TTH when one is found in search string</String> @@ -1087,6 +1098,7 @@ <String Name="Raw">Raw</String> <String Name="AddAction">Add / Rename an action</String> + <String Name="SettingsAutoStart">Start ApexDC++ at Windows startup</String> <String Name="NatSort">Use natural sorting</String> <String Name="DontShareEmptyDirs">Don't share empty directories</String> @@ -1107,7 +1119,6 @@ <String Name="ToolInstall">Reinstall ApexDC++</String> <String Name="ReallyRun">Are you certain that you wish to run this tool?</String> - <String Name="ParamExists">Param with same name already exists!</String> <String Name="Ipguard">IPGuard</String> <String Name="IpguardDefaultPolicy">Default policy</String> @@ -1130,11 +1141,6 @@ <String Name="PluginDescription">Description:</String> <String Name="PluginsNoConfig">This plugin requires no configuration</String> - <String Name="Updater">ApexDC++ Updater</String> - <String Name="UpdaterStart">Update is being downloaded and installed, you'll be notified again when your attention is required.</String> - <String Name="UpdaterRestart">Update installation successfull, would you like to restart ApexDC++ now to complete the update proccess?</String> - <String Name="UpdaterRestart2">Previous update proccess has not been completed yet, would you like to restart ApexDC++ now in order to update?</String> - <String Name="UpdaterFailed">Automatic update failed:</String> - <String Name="UpdaterEnd">Your version of ApexDC++ has been updated successfully!</String> </Strings>