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I am in this situation:

My net connection is PPPOE and my I.P. is dynamic.

I have a problem with the identification of the I.P. in settings -connection setting external/wan I.P.

When I use my router I obtain a fake I.P. of my network adapter.

The real I.P. I obtain by pressing the "check setting" button from the "connection settings" menu.

At every start up of this program PEER WEB DC++, the I.P. must be writen even if the "auto update I.P. on start up" is enabled.

If I enable my second network adapter from my computer , when I start up the program this will find it's I.P. and not my internet provider's I.P.

So, please tell me what should I do to obtain an real I.P. at the PEER WEB DC++ start up.

Best regards,

Cris :)

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There is no way for it to get your real ip. However, there is a work-around.

1) Go to http://www.dyndns.org

2) Sign up for a free account

3) Go to My Services

4) Add host

5) Add Dynamic DNS Host

6) Enter a name for the host and pick an address (none are better than others really, altho I use dyndns.org)

7) Leave the IP address field as it is, Wildcards and mail exchanger are also unimportant (unless you feel you'll use them) as is backup MX

8) If you are on a router, enter these details into your router, alternatively download the DynDNS Client and use it.

9) Install the client and use the wizard to set it up (easy really - if you get stuck reply here and i'll let you know)

10) Finally put your host name into DC under the WANIP box in connection settings.

11) Check that you have "Don't allow hub/UPnP to override" Enabled

12) Check that you have "Auto-Update IP on startup" Disabled

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sorry about that i have been trying to post for ages and it just isen't working at all. (that message actully failed in msie)


Perhaps a possible update to the client would be to implment a dyndns updater. This can be done with simple get commands.

please see the below 9 line perl script for an example of this

[usage "script hostname username password" where hostname is the hostname you wish to update and username and password are your dynDNS username and password]


ok still cant post the perl



use strict;

use LWP::Simple;

my $username = my $hostname = my $password = my $request = my $url = '';

$hostname = shift;

$username = shift;

$password = shift;

$request = get 'http://checkip.chi.dyndns.com/'; #this returns a page which has the ip address in the body like www.myip.dk

$request =~ /\b(([0-2]?\d{1,2}\.){3}[0-2]?\d{1,2})\b/; #reguler expresion to get ip address looks for 0-299.0-299.0-299.0-299

#this is the url needed to update dyndns ref:http://www.dyndns.com/developers/specs/syntax.html

$request = get 'http://'.$username.':'.$password.'@members.dyndns.org/nic/update?system=dyndns&hostname='.$hostname.'&myip='.$1.'&wildcard=NOCHG&mx=mNOCHG&backmx=NOCHG&offline=NO';

print $request; #displays 'good [ip address]' on success, 'nochg [ip address]' on no change (thats all i have tested)

--------end perl-----------------

way ;) i got their in the end. dont know what was going on there but every thing after 'failed in msie)'. It could only be put in using the edit function. neither the reply or fastreply functions would work they both produced a 403 on index.php which in turn produced a 404 on error document.

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Offtopic: In general, the most important conclusion is that IE SUX... Who made IE? Oh, yeah, so it is quite normal. :)

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