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  1. I am in this situation: My net connection is PPPOE and my I.P. is dynamic. I have a problem with the identification of the I.P. in settings -connection setting external/wan I.P. When I use my router I obtain a fake I.P. of my network adapter. The real I.P. I obtain by pressing the "check setting" button from the "connection settings" menu. At every start up of this program PEER WEB DC++, the I.P. must be writen even if the "auto update I.P. on start up" is enabled. If I enable my second network adapter from my computer , when I start up the program this will find it's I.P. and not my internet provider's I.P. So, please tell me what should I do to obtain an real I.P. at the PEER WEB DC++ start up. Best regards, Cris :)