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I have setup: luadch-2.19-win-x86_64
And the hub works, but me as owner, only connect to internal ip, but i have external on adress!
Tried to copy server folder to friend, same thing happens to him.
And thene owner cant get filelist, and people cant get from owner.
If i use vpn, it works.
Whats wrong?

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I think you are posting to incorrect forum. This forum is about ApexDC++, a client, not Lua DCH.

Generally, you, as an owner, connect to the hub server's LAN address if it is on the same LAN as your client PC, or localhost if it is on the same PC. And in your client, you should set Active or Passive connection as usual. If you use one of the "firewall" (manual port forwarding etc.), fill your external IP, not the internal one.

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