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I have windows 10 and having connection issues. I have forwarded my ports correctly but I still can't get some file lists. I am also being kicked banned for an hour randomly from 1 hub onl/ I checked with an OP they ar not kickiing me. I asked for assitance there, no luck. I had contacted an OP here & was tod to downgrade my client. Now I can't upgrade, downloaded new upgrade, pointed the download to my apex foleder in my program files. No luck.  any suggestion will be helpful

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What didn't work with your upgrade to version 1.6.4? I have the same one and it works under my windows 10.

If you are kicked from the hub - if it's really a kick (not a disconnection), you should at least get a message with a reason for the kick. We don't know why you get kicked unless you post the message. Anyway, if the OP told you to downgrade your client, he should be able to explain exactly why you should do that. Newer versions of Apex are better for your security and security of others.

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