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I know, we used to as well... but we decided it is much better to advocate the use of a third party applications designed to filter network traffic globally rather than providing an application specific filter. Most firewalls even allow you to set rules specific to applications, and there are several software solutions available that can do network filtering on different levels.

We do not support the idea of blocking transfers from an individual DC user, we believe that if someone really has earned a network block on his IP, it would only make sense for that block to be system wide or at the very least unbiased (ie. not only block yourself from uploading to a user but still being able to download from them).

The valid use for a network filter is when you are paying for bandwidth outside your LAN for example, and we wholeheartedly believe there are much better solutions for that already out there that can be set up to better prevent unwanted outbound traffic than an application specific tool for just ApexDC could.

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