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"Match Queue" from "Finished Downloads" tab

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Hi everyone!

First, I would like to thank you for your great work and for bringing us such a great application!

Now to the point :) Sometimes when I am downloading a lot of small rare files I have to manually search for additional sources by looking to "Finished Downloads" tab from time to time to see if any new user was found (via automatic search for alternates) and then match his queue with my.

The way it's now done is: I have to right click then "Get file list" and when it loads (sometimes takes a lot of time) I would do "Match queue" which again downloads the file list.

I wish if you could add "Match Queue" to right click menu on users in "Finished Downloads" tab.

I think this is not hard to implement but I am sure it would be useful.

Thanks in advance,

Momcilo Medic.

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