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  1. Hi everyone! First, I would like to thank you for your great work and for bringing us such a great application! Now to the point Sometimes when I am downloading a lot of small rare files I have to manually search for additional sources by looking to "Finished Downloads" tab from time to time to see if any new user was found (via automatic search for alternates) and then match his queue with my. The way it's now done is: I have to right click then "Get file list" and when it loads (sometimes takes a lot of time) I would do "Match queue" which again downloads the file list. I wish if you could add "Match Queue" to right click menu on users in "Finished Downloads" tab. I think this is not hard to implement but I am sure it would be useful. Thanks in advance, Momcilo Medic.
  2. [SOLVED]Webserver not working.

    Thanks Crise. Using https did the trick. And thanks for clarification on 64-bit applications. I understand that it may have some impacts on performance but I have quite a strong CPU and I don't really think it would be an issue. I completely agree with your "run application that is native to your OS" point of view. It makes perfect sense. Thanks again for such a quick response. Keep up the good work! Momcilo Medic. P.S. You can add [sOLVED] to this thread as I don't know how to do it Cheers
  3. [SOLVED]Webserver not working.

    Thanks my friend, indeed it solves my problem with error in question but my webserver is still not operational. Opera: Connection closed by remote server Firefox: The connection was reset IE: The webpage cannot be displayed Oh, IE, how I hate you And another thing, I saw there that you assumed that I am running 64-bit ApexDC++, which I am not (hm, maybe that .zip file is for 64-bit executable and that's why my webserver is not working). I was wandering if there is any reason why I should? I mean, it's not like it'll ever use more than 3GB of RAM, or is there another thing I should know about 64-bit applications? No disrespect intended, just wanted to know a little more how ApexDC++ works. Thanks for such a quick reply btw. :)
  4. [SOLVED]Webserver not working.

    When I start my ApexDC++ it works perfectly, well, except for webserver. It says: Failed loading web server resources: unzOpen; stopping webserver... Can you please give me some advise. I tried googling it but with no success. I am running ApexDC++ v1.4.3.957 on Windows 7 64-bit Thanks in advance, Momcilo Medic.
  5. A little problem after 1.3.5 update

    Thanks Mek and Lee for your replies. I am not sure I understood exactly what changed and why it would be no longer possible to 'stream' videos. If you had extra time, maybe you could dumb it down for me? Or for that matter, what do you mean 'after an hour or so' - if we are talking about movies then what you are probably saying is that I need to download about two thirds before I can watch it? Correct me if I am wrong. Here's a newbie question: can you make an option to use old style downloading? I mean it will also be more than welcome to have that option to prioritise sequential segments you were talking about if above cannot be done. Anyway, thank you for time you've taken to answer me. You rock!
  6. Hi, I've been using ApexDC++ for a long time and it always performed excellent for me. I love using it, I love bragging about using it and I love you guys! Anyway, to get to my point - my downloads are being downloaded in random fragments. Let me explain myself: I download a lot of instructional videos and very, very often I need to watch them right away. That wasn't problem before update since it was downloading from the beginning of a file and continued with next segment right after first one. So I use preview and just sit back and 'stream' that video. After the update in question my downloads are starting at random places in file - it starts at 50% for example and downloads that segment, then it goes at 90% and continues there, and so on. Even if downloading from one user/source. I thought that that user doesn't have entire file downloaded yet and I am transferring parts that he has but then it happened again and again and again. So I thought it would be time to ask the people behind ApexDC++, just in case that this is idiotic problem (enable Continuous download in settings ) and I am idiot enough to overlook solution. Thanks in advance.