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anti-flood and more

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I would love the following options in apexdc (also posted on strongdc forum):

1. An option to allow max n private messages from different users / x seconds from a hub. This will prevent a hub to flood the client. If you think that flooding a client is stupid and does no good to the hubsoft (which I totally agree) then you can "hide" this option somewhere on advanced settings and make it disabled by default.

2. An option that, instead of ignoring private messages from the hub/bot, to collect all of them in a single separate private window. Better then just ignoring because I can study them if I want, but they still don't harass me because it is only 1 window for all the hubs...

3. Also, it would be even nicer if this settings (ignore private messages from the hub/bot) would be hub-wise (i can enable or disable them for each hub in particular).

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