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It would be nice, if the installation program would announce something,

when it founds previous version or previous version's settings in the installation

target directory. For example give user a choice whether to use the found

settings or not.

Would it be possible to add rmDC++ function: inverted limiter (not active)?

In other words: a function which temporarily allows to remove limiter for specified

download/downloader. The validness of the function would last until the end of the

download / downloaders download session (no downloads from user in question for

a set period of time (15s?) would reset the function).

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There is already a similar feature. If you add the user as a favorite user then go to the favorite user tab and right click there name you can choose an option to bypass the limiter. As for the rest of your request I am not sure if that would play a vital role in Apex as it stands but you will see the outcome I'm sure :)

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