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Hiya guys, first of all: congrats with this milestone release! On to the "bug" i noticed after first starting this final version: the file uploadspeed bug as reported in beta5, is still there. Upload speeds of lower then 4,56kb/sec are shown as 0kb/sec, even though they are transfering.. and it seems to do this with multiples of 4,56kb/s. So apex isnt displaying the actual speeds for the uploads (strangely enough, it seems to do correctly with the download speeds) It's not a big bug imo, no showstopper or whatever, just a minor flaw that i think could be worth reporting =) I do use netlimiter to limit speeds to about 80% of my upload capabilities, but turning netlimiter off or de-installing does not change the values that apex shows for file uploads. Hope u guys can have a look at why this is caused and how to fix it for the next version =)

the previous topic about this certain bug is in here btw:


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