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  1. tth inconsistancy

    Yup, looks like nobody tried my suggestion But if baba.runner's method of replicating this indeed works, then it does imply that there is a bug somewhere. :)
  2. tth inconsistancy

    /rebuild always sorted this error for me :P
  3. Sorry :(

    From a quick look at the Exception info it looks very similar to a crash i tried to fix with dcdm for a long time (try & catch failed in inline code :w00t:). Maybe the bug was inherited from DC++ but it'll no longer have that problem since it ditched WTL. BrotherBear, most of the crashes you have experienced is due to this . . . . d:\development\apexdc\final\trunk220\trunk\windows\flattabctrl.h(608): FlatTabCtrlImpl<FlatTabCtrl=0x02DC8260,ATL::CWindow=0x0006E1BC,ATL::CWinTraits<1442840576=0x0046B5A5,0> >::TabInfo::update d:\development\apexdc\final\trunk220\trunk\windows\flattabctrl.h(163): FlatTabCtrlImpl<FlatTabCtrl=0x00000000,ATL::CWindow=0x0006E2D0,ATL::CWinTraits<1442840576=0x02DC8260,0> >::setDirty d:\development\apexdc\final\trunk220\trunk\windows\privateframe.h(156): PrivateFrame::addClientLine looks like a PrivateMessage is causing trouble with the Tabs. If you get this often, i would recommend closing hubs, and finding out which hub is sending this pm. Avoid that hub. And also report that hub here so the developers can get an idea of what is going wrong. :(
  4. Problems running latest version (1.1.0) ?

    erh, are you being serious ? :)
  5. How to ignore user.(Downloads from me).

    Limit your upload then to about 16kb/s :)
  6. Banned client when emulating...

    Turn emulation off ?
  7. ApexDC++ Official Support Hub - Discussion

    Yes. Read the changelog. ;)
  8. So /switch has been removed ? (i believe that was the command). So why on the "How to Compile" guides are people still being told to use the Patched WTL. Since the modification to WTL was for this. Or has more changes been done to WTL for some other feature ?
  9. Default Port that's not 0?

    DC++'s default behaviour is leave the blank, and it'll choose a random port for you each startup. And it's done that for a very long time. :)
  10. Only share certain folders with certain hubs

    Well ataraxia if you were intrested in keeping an eye on how this is progressing in DC++ (which will then hopefully filter down to Apex via Strong) keep an eye on this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/dcplusplus/+bug/224811 Of course need more ADC hubs . . .
  11. Older messages re-appear in bot and private meassages

    Yes Satan. You also need to tick the box for logging PM's. :)
  12. Only share certain folders with certain hubs

    No it's not currently possible with ApexDC. The reason this cannot be done isn't really "by design" more of "design flaw" in the NMDC protocol. The whole "guess-a-user" situation. Can be made to work perfectly in ADC hubs. .Nothing. by Carraya (still in alpha / beta) has made the best attempt at working around the NMDC issues that i've seen. Oh and that only works if the user connects through the right hub. Don't expect this of DC++ or mods of it based on a version less than 0.68 heh, if you want more detail than "guess-a-user" being the problem . . . *sigh* wish DC++'s old forums still worked, then i could point you at numerous topics there.
  13. bug in network code

    And fixed upstream if it comes from there ? (StrongDC++ or DC++)
  14. Dc++ 0.706 out

    Not beta, "unstable release". Arbitrary classification. It's more stable than 0.705 :thumbsup: Exactly. 2 weeks. :blink:
  15. TTH

    he can download normally with 0.674 because that version will download of anyone. The check didn't come into about 0.694 (?). While 0.401 supports TTH, it doesn't support TTHL and TTHF which were introduced in 0.402. :thumbsup: