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I have been sleeping when the master thought that the users should be at another hub and redirected us.

Apex 1b4

Then the Apex needed the password. So it showed the popup pass window. One window for each reconnect. So bugs:

1) Apex doesn't check the destination hub pass at favorites (cross check hub.lan <-> or <-> hub.lan)

2) Apex doesn't check if old popup pass windows for destination hub was created. So it should destroy old popup or use old popup for password request.

3) Apex should not reconnect to redirection destination hub again before it get the password from user through the popup or from the favorites.

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you are absolutely right, apex should not reconnect if it needs a password and does not receive it from the user or the favorites.

The address and are essentially the same address, though i do not know how apexdc looks at them (my bad not knowing c++)

hub.lan should resolve to an ip and the application should look if the ip is in favorites and then see if a password is on that...

What i don't get is what password does the client send if no user is to respond with a password, a blank line or just stops, that should give a login timeout and disconnect the user, not ban him.

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