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  1. wdc liked a post in a topic by Aztek in Prevent users from occupying more than one upload slot   
    well atleast add this as an OPTION !

    about the p.s: if i dont share stuff i download, then i dont want people to be able to download it from me, its fiiiine if i am sharing it, other vice no

    atm, there is a user downloading files from me that i dont share, to stop him i need to close the connection and rename the file... veeery annoying...
  2. Aztek liked a post in a topic by Lee in ASK to change magnet URI handler!   
    We could change this in our 2.0 startup wizard. Thanks for the suggestion! 
    Nice to see you around again.
  3. Crocodile liked a post in a topic by Aztek in ApexDC++ Settings Backup   
    ApexDC++ Settings Backup

    If you want to prevent data loss when trying to upgrade, this is the guide for you. Simply follow the intructions below and you'll be able to backup your ApexDC++ settings and then upgrade without hesitation.

    These scripts below will take live backups of your ApexDC++ settings folder, so you have the most up to date backup when upgrading. The restore script should only be launched once you have successfully upgraded to the latest version, so it can import the old settings.

    Video of the program in action: [ Watch it here ]

    ApexDC++ Settings Backup: [ Download it here ]

    Note: Windows Vista users might need to run this script with elevation for the restoration to work, otherwise you can take ownership of the ApexDC++ folder (if you know how to).

    If you spot any problems please report them, and I'll be happy to update the script.

    The script is open source, written in C# it is released under the MIT License and you are welcome to take the source and make the program better, and if you want the new feature or fix added to the official program just send me a message, and i will think about it :stuart: