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  1. the error messages are normally caused by network issues. either the hub being down, dns change, it could be you isp droping your connection. anynumber of reasons. but normally, and i am not saying always, these errors are caused by network issues and no the program
  2. User command list

    at the bottom of the faviourete file
  3. [SUPPORT] TLS or Port Help Needed

    Connection test is not working as well as it should. You should just try downloading something to test TCP or searching for something to check UDP plese check the site before asking questions. TLS explained
  4. The problem i can see with this is that if a user dosn't have apex they will the tags which could get anoying. plus * / _ are the old school way of doing this formating (word perferct i think) so it is possibly more familure edit and would probably make more sense as these are the bbcodes
  5. Hacked Client: no lock & pk

    When you first connect to a hub (if it is not in your fav's) the client is automatically set to emulate DC++. When you put the hub in your fav's the next time you connact you will display the Apex tag. in the fav hub property pane you can tick the option emulate dc. Could this be the problem?
  6. Feature Requests

    possibly but when you see how much objection dropping old file list formats produces. One has to except that ADC protocol wont be the only protocol implemented for a while. Until there are ADC clients that give "exactly" the same functionality of some of the popular nmdc clients. The NMDC protocol will still be supported in both client and hub soft which will make developing adc exclusive functionality difficult at best This is probably a wrapper to the "net send" command. however this command requires the receiver (possibly the sender) to have the messenger service running. I think this is disabled by default in win xp sp2. if not it is a good idea to disable it. It is also worth mentioning that people wont be able to send you a message unless you are running on a machine directly connected to the Internet even then it is unlikely to work unless you have no firewall. I hope not. Although not a critical security risk. My internal IP address is a piece of information i would prefer to not just give away edit: here is a link to disable messenger service if anyone is interested
  7. connection problem

    bind ip address is useful if you have two network devices. it tells apex which network address/device it should bind to (use). if you only have one device just leave it as bigcanuck getIP function in apex should get your external address now.
  8. [Support] Webserver

    i not think this is possible unless you rebuild the source. I think a future advancement would be to allow the web interface to be configured via xml and xlst files but this is a lot of work
  9. connection problem

    cheers amp i just wanted to let people know so they dont get scared by the bind address. you only need the bind address if you have two network cards
  10. toolbar messed up

    this is to do with the tooldbar size, you can change this (in apex at least) by changing the number next to the tool bar path it is probably something like 24/22 just try playing with that number until the icons are right (the correct number will probably be 20,22, or 24) and just so you know the only program this site officially supports is Apex current release (v at the time of writing) as bigcanuk said go to for help with previous versions or Apexdc
  11. Little Help Please

    sounds like you need to register in that hub.
  12. Lets say this once more with feeling. APEX DIDN'T MAKE THIS DECISION DC++ did, so go over to there forums and complain. Apex aggree with it and see little point in developing support for projects that no longer have active development. Instead of trying to convince the Apex Dev team to implement the antiquated way of doing things why dont you get the developers of these popular clients to pull there finger out and upgrade there client. If a hub bans clients for not supporting the old file list method they will have a very quite hub. As dc++ has removed this functionality. any client based on this will not have that functionality and if a client is not based on this how are do you expect to connect to an adc hub. bigcanuck sumed things up quite well. Your new windows Vista install wont give you support for win 98 apps. look how easy they had it on the dc++ forum and this seems to be the original descution that decided hashing was needed
  13. Request a Guide

    lol ;)
  14. Request a Guide

    here you go
  15. [Bug] Possible Auto Refresh problem v0.3.0

    yep . if you want more use semi-collon ';'. e.g *.ut;*.dctmp
  16. [Support] User with fireball

    gadasch, didn't mean to offend but well Zlobomir explained it nicely ;)
  17. birthdays

    Thought id take this off topic. i just wanted to say that i agree with you. there will be a larger density of people born around febuary, macrh and april due to the somer and it wouldn' t suprise me if there was also a density around september and october due to the festive christmas period. the birthday paradox is a mathimatical one and assumes birthdays will be distributed evernly accross all days. which you have correctly pointed out is not the case. hell i didn't come up with the idea of proving this paradox with birthdays .
  18. Released: ApexDC++ 0.3.0 (Preview 3)

    NAT - Network Address Translation in your connection settings you an option have 'firewall with manual port fowarding' the feture you have quoted is talking about this
  19. [Support] User with fireball

    :ermm: well to me it makes them look human. off by one buffers and not performing boundary checking shows carelessness. anyway i wasn't saying dont report it here it needs to be fixed in the appropriate place package otherwise it will need fixing in each release and the best way to get it fixed will be to do it your self and send in a patch most the people developing this will be tryning to deal with the massive list of bug reports and feature requests that they all have instead of trying to correct spelling mistakes, especially when the same word can be spelt in many different ways depending on where you come from
  20. just a few ideas

    "We describe a collision-finding attack on 16 rounds of the Tiger hash function requiring the time for about 2^44 compression function invocations. Another attack generates pseudo-near collisions, but for 20 rounds of Tiger with work less than that of 2^48 compression function invocations. Since Tiger has only 24 rounds, these attacks may raise some questions about the security of Tiger. In developing these attacks, we adapt the ideas of message modification attacks and neutral bits, developed in the analysis of MD4 family hashes, to a completely different hash function design." ref: Stefan Lucks: Papers for Download as far i as know dc++ uses 24 round tiger hash
  21. birthdays

    thankyou for clearing that up for me, your obviously a bigger geek then me :P
  22. [Support] User with fireball

    lmao thanks for spotting that one hoewver it is probably a bug in dc++ or sdc can you please see if it appears there and reports in the apropriate forum :P
  23. Another Screen Shot

    The following was sent to my email address. by an AniNerbe. The original file was in excel so i have stiched a couple of screen shots to make jpg. if anyone wants the excel file let me know. However it has a macro in it which i havn't looked at yet. however i think it is there to perfom sometype of function on the excel sheet, i dont know i just disabled it.
  24. Compiling ApexDC++

    thanks for giving something back ifmn and that is the guides and the help on the forums ;)
  25. Released: ApexDC++ 0.3.0 (Preview 3)

    ijust wanted to let you all know my position when i got the most current version of the ApexDC++ linux source both it and linuxDC use libraries which i am not very familure with. it also uses scons instead of make another programme i am not familiure with. i have therefore instructed the apex-dev team to seek a linux programmer who has more experience in these libraries/programms then myself. If anyone can offer this expertise please contact any of the admin dev team or myself. in the mean time i will continue to work on the development of the linux client. However progress will be slow. I would also like to say to any one who would like to be Apex++ linux devs out there pls note that you will have my support in both testing and developing this client.