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  1. [1.0.0B2] files.xml.bz2 bug

    Zlobomir, just out of curiosity does your frien have there 40k of files in one folder, if not how many are in one folder STASiAN, how many files exactly are in said folder. if possible could you provide details of how many files get hashed before the crash.
  2. [Crash] <ApexDC++ 1.0.0B2 / 0.699>

    this has already been reported, please downgrade to 0.4 thanks
  3. Request a Guide

    Here you go -- cheers Noctis
  4. spellchecking

    Well my spelling is crap so any assistance there is appreciated. I dont think this would waste to many resources. as a side note i think this would be a really bad idea to implment in hub soft. if it is in hub soft it means i have to send my message before finding out that it is incorrect. with my dyslexic, crappy spelling this could mean i have to send ten messages to the hub before i send I get the correct spelling. leaving two possible senarios. 1. i cant send a message to the hub untill i spell all words correctlly 2. the hub gets flooded with badly spelt messages untill i spell all words correctlly If this is going to be implmented it should most definetly be done client side. As a side note i think most people come to expect bad spelling/grammer in DC chat, so although this may be a usefull feature it is definetly not high priority
  5. Showing Foreign Letters in Apex DC++

    no adc is utf-8 as stanndard so there should be no probllem
  6. Showing Foreign Letters in Apex DC++

    the protocol dictates how data is transported from client to client and from hub to hub. the protocol dose not support utf-8 and therfore hubs and clients do not expect to recive data in this format. if apex started to send it in this format then it could break client to hub communication and clicnt to client communication unless both clients where the newest version of apex. exctly most clients and hubs (to my knowlage no client or hub supports utf via nmdc) dont expect data in utf format. yes this would be usefull but it means changing the underlying protocol so all clients could do this, ome type of backwards ompatability would also need to be built in. note adc asumes all clients are using utf-8 i also doubt that it will be introduced to nmdc.
  7. Showing Foreign Letters in Apex DC++

    the protocol dosn't support unicode so it is not possible to modify the client for this functionality.
  8. user checking

    moved to feature request.
  9. [Crash] <ApexDC++ 1.0.0B2 / 0.699>

    this problem has aalready been reported and is been worked on. thankyou for reporting it.
  10. password

    temporeraly change your user name e.g. from gulms13 to gulms1 then explain the situation to the op
  11. HELP! Connection timeout under Vista...

    apexdc++ is built on top of strongdc++ which is built on top of dc++ so it has all the features of them* and some. as you are using dc++ you should really go to the dc++ forum for help; however i will continue this is probably caused for one of three reasons. you need to register in the hub before you can download. check thee hub rules, normally done by typong +help or +rules in the main chat winddow [*]you do not have the correct ip address in the connection settings make sure you ip address is the same as the one displayed below [*]finnaly you could have a software firewall blocking you. windows xp has its own firewall so ensure that dc++ is able to uuse the appropriate ports. if you have anyother firewall installed e.g. norton make sure that is also configured. *apexdc is not based on the most current vertion of dc++ so it may be missing the newest features bug fixes.
  12. one way to check is to try and telnet to the open port. e.g. to check if techgeeks is online do the following start -> run and type cmd (enter) then in the command promt type telnet 1411 (enter) if it is up you will get output like the following if it is not online the output will look like this note: to exit from telnet press ctrl + ] then type quit and press enter
  13. HELP! Connection timeout under Vista...

    could you please clarify what you mean. are you using dc++ or apexdc++ are you having problems connecting to a hub or a user what ddo you have set in you connection settings if you are having problems connecting to a specific user it could be that they are using a fake client. if your havinf problems connecting to a hub, are you sure the hub is online. one way to check this is to try and telnet to the open port. e.g. to check if techgeeks is online do the following start -> run and type cmd (enter) then in the command promt type telnet 1411 (enter) if it is up you will get output like the following if it is not online the output will look like this note: to exit from telnet press ctrl + ] then type quit and press enter
  14. waiting users priority

    perhaps this ccould be implemented in a way that by default no user has a priority but if you want to give a user a priority then there username and/or ip address is recorded with the priority you wish to assign. you would then need to check everyone that requests a file from you to see if the are in this list. if they are they are moved to the aappropriate position in the upload que. i would however say that this implmentation is bound to cause problemspeople would expect it to work better then it would. if someones ip aaddres changed, user changed there nick, or a different hub had the same nick would alll cause problems. it would also but a higher load on memory and cpu. the better option would be to make them a fav user and give them an auto slot.
  15. Downloads Resuming

    there is no gatuntee that you will find the same user. but the best place to try is the same hub you where in before. i dont have a copy of apex to hand but i belive that if you go to the download que it will tell you the last hub that a user was seen in. if not you will have to connect to all fav hubs nd see if you can download the file again. once the file starts ddownloading you will be able to see what hub they are in. however if it is a common file i would recommend trying the search for alternates option.
  16. [Support] MyInfo spam

    if you are downloading files quickly you e.g. more then one every 1-2 minutes and have update share imideatly option set, then you will probably get this message (as your share size and therfore myinfo wwill also be changing)
  17. [Crash] oops

    please downgrade to 0.4.0. the dev team is working on fixing these bugs. thank you for reporting them
  18. wakoopa

    looks good but why dose it need to install some software? either way ill have to wait untill they have linux client. good work :)
  19. Setting up the client

    what do you mean "became". it has always been like this. if anything ii would have thought it is easier now there is the find IP functionality. I gusse most users didn't have a firewall when when dc first started, i gusse this has made it more difficult to set up.
  20. IP auto update

    i have to say that this feature would not be of use to me but it has come up a lot and perhaps it is worth implmenting. I cant imagine it wwould take long.
  21. sorry but

    full of compliments. OP's in TGO are genrelly very helpfull. not all of them are the most experienced but it is an entry point for users new to dc so this can be usefull and these peolpe are complimented by very experinced OP's. I would also say that only one mabey two people are blunt.
  22. Error message

    not sure but at a guess i would say something like installing the app as an admin and running it as a restricted user
  23. [1.0.0B2][Crash]Crashing on entering hub.

    this is reported here ->
  24. Error message

    This looks like the user running apexdc dose not have access to right to the current worrking directory. press ctrl + shift + esc. Select Processes. find the process named apexdc.exe. See which user Name is tunning it. You will then need to go to the directory where Apexdc is installed (c:\Program Files\ApexDC++\) right click the Apexdc++ folder and select properties Select the security tab look for the user identified in step 4 if the user is not there click add enter the username click check Names click ok [*]select the user [*]make sure there is a tick in the box which says write Please note that i havn't used vista so things may be a little deifferent to what i have said hope that helps
  25. Apex as a sevice/daemon

    If something is a service it dosn't mean you cant have a GUI, in fact many services do have GUI's, IIS admin, your viruschecker, your firewall, VNC ect.