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  1. Dynamic IP's with ApexDC++

    my expirence is that the if you update your dns settings you need to wait a minute before connecting (obviously, because of the propagation issues) but once you connect its fine. however (and when i first posted to this topic i wasn't having problems, those problems spyke ) but now my ip seems to be changing loads, nothing to do with dc. and it seems to be taking longer and longer for my DNS changes to propagate. Again nothing to do with DC.... what was my point oh yer i didn't have on i wanted to ask a question :blushing: how can i tell if a hub is using the correct IP? Edit: the spell checker in my browser could do with being improved EDIT: if you don't reconnect the DNS change WONT take affect. .. a reconnect all would be a nice feature ;)
  2. the pirates bay down :(

    ;) thats more like it :blushing: edit:some links seem to still be dead but thats understandable. but where is there spout about what just happened. they have to publish it all (if they can)
  3. Dynamic IP's with ApexDC++

    I use dyndns. if i change my dns record, i.e. update my ip address. do i need to reconnect to all the hubs im in for it to take affect.
  4. Website updates

    :blushing: thanks, as soon as i posted i remembered that bold italics and underline are genrally used to highlight things as apose to the opisit Doh ;)
  5. the pirates bay down :(

    haha, i think you noticed, but it is really hard to make serious comments like that without sounding like David Iyke. they did a good job with that plant ^_^
  6. Web DC

    To be honest i would really like to see a web site which could (using AJAX) have access to DC chat facilities (main, maybe pm). I know web programming languages really well, my job is supporting web programmers, and this is something which i think would be really popular [sorry for going of topic a bit] but i would really appreciate a PM from anyone who has an idea on this (or perhaps the moderates might put this into its own thread
  7. the pirates bay down :(

    just to be really annoying and annal. --- it is not america i have an issue with it is american commerce EDIT:its its 3:53am im drunk, sorry
  8. the pirates bay down :(

    The piratesbay hasn't broken any (existing) Swedish law. There defense is that they are not providing any copyrighted material. They are just providing instructions on where to obtain that material (a torrent doesn't contain any copyright material, just a pointer too where you can get it from). Its a bit like someone giving you a map of all the people in your area selling pirated videos/dvd's, the person selling the map isn't breaking the law. I should point out that torrents ARE illegal in the US and im pretty sure its illegal here in the UK and probably anywhere else that the us* has an influence. However there are a lot of developed countries in Europe which have sensible copyright laws (:blushing:), for the moment (), and the EU hasn't decided what it thinks yet either. I think it is a watch this space moment. This trial, if one occurs, will be one which starts to define these laws for Sweden. However they as there law stands they have broken no Swedish law** *i just wanted to say i am not having a go at America but i do think American commerce has a lot of influence in these matters [1] **I have formed these opinions from various Internet and news sites [2] so can admit that i may be wrong but im pretty sure what I've said is pretty accurate. [1] [2] google
  9. Web DC

    do you know where i could get a copy, from you vagueness i'm guessing not Yes, i have recognized that show stopper :blushing: . my intention was to create the page test it with some sympathetic hubs and if it is plausible/possible think about those issues then. My thinking is that because the user wont be downloading it shouldn't be a problem. However i do appreciate that the practicality of the matter is much more complicated then that.
  10. Web DC

    i think this is a would be a good feature to implement. It would also be nice if it (as an option) serve your share of http/ftp. However i get really nervous when ever i run a web server on my home PC, don't know why just paranoid. again another good solution, however my work firewall want allow certain traffic. I would find it quite useful to be able to login to my hub and chat even if i had a sudo-anonymousness username (e.g. guest1006). this would allow me to see whats going on in various hubs and if im in a support hub i would be able to support people while im at work
  11. Website updates

    sorry i'm not up on my web etiquette. didn't realize that sort of thing bothered people. Admittedly i do use it a lot. I always have an after thought which is generally contradictory, off the point or untested i therefore put it in italics so it isn't given much consideration or to indicate it should be taken as an after thought (which is what it is) it was really hard not to use italics, especially for this bit :blushing: ;)
  12. Web DC

    yer cheers, sorry about that :oops: :blushing: i blatantly new that i shouldn't have mentioned that in that thread i thought that now i had spell checke i wouldn't need to edit my post, how n-eye-eve* how the hell do you spell that
  13. PeerWeb crashes

    i don't know. You give a guy a get out of jail free card and he just chucks it in the bin
  14. Website updates

    :P please feel free to treat 'this' post like spyke's
  15. PeerWeb crashes

    EDIT:when i started to write this response, Crise hadn't already responded, Doh. However i think i should mabey leave it here as it may still have some valid points. if you diagree crise/lee please send this to trash The new apex is going to be quit a bit different but we have to wait for the sdc release. The only changes that have been made to pwdc (as experiments) are quite minor or for the advanced user. Most users wouldn't even notice them. strongDC or DC 0.6** project fix a lot of the bugs so Crise* needs to wait for this release so that he is not wasting his time. This same dependencies means that he cant make [stable] improvements as they may not be compatible with sdc+ *sorry if i have miss represented things
  16. Website updates

    your pretty sexy Lee
  17. the pirates bay down :(

    To be honest i don't really use bit torrent (DC is so much better) but i have always kept an eye on the pirates bay because they really take the piss. But t is actually more then that in Sweden (from what i understand) the pirates bay has been a pivotal force in creating debate about the legality of torrents and more fundamentally copyright. so even though there will, most deferentially, be another site to take the place of pirates bay. unless it is run by the same people i doubt it will provoke the same amount of public interest/debate apparently ref:MPAA press release That is a "popular" F@$%ing site and a hell of a lot of opinions to ....* * couldn't think of the correct word to finish this sentence, something like affect/poison/mold, hope you get the idea
  18. the pirates bay down :(

    Is that to be taken literally I know i was shocked it whet down at all and even more shocked that the Swedish law enforcement agencies seem to have performed (from what i understand) an illegal search.
  19. Development, program versions :D
  20. the pirates bay down :(

    lets hope so :D
  21. congratulations to me

    cheers logi cheers spyke :D
  22. congratulations to me

    Yay me I just got my RHCT 100% :D :D :D :D :D :) :w00t:
  23. congratulations to me

    cheers ill try :)
  24. congratulations to me

    £1450 (with training) A hell of a lot of money, but it was paid for by work. The cost of it is the reason i have never done it before. Any type of computer certification is ridiculously expensive spell checking in my browser wow, i love firefox
  25. congratulations to me

    yes yes it was but i am really bad with exams, i started second guessing everything i had done and ended up thinking i hadn't passed. thats paranoia