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  1. Can we try the ApexDC++ Beta?

    Well as lee and crise has said it is coming pretty soon and from my prespective it will be worth the wait :)
  2. UPnP

    cheers. as lee said. im sure we could use some of it pehaps break it up or something.
  3. Development begins

    yep thanks Big Muscle. Matdev/Lee is there any chance of getting a linux beta?
  4. When will ApexDC++ be released?

    i'll take my guess now then 17 August
  5. UPnP

    :pinch: can we have a copy Kevo's guide is really good but there could be some things he missed
  6. Advanced searching.

    Is possible to perform boolean searches in pwdc. e.g (toxic OR "Britney Spears") +~cover -waste I have used google syntax as it seems as good as any. I am pretty sure this is not possible if not could i have this as a feature request edit: i am not a fan of Britney, well not her music <_<
  7. Support: How does this work?

    your probably right, i haven't looked at that link much either. However it will show what messages may appear in the future maybe we could split this thread or starts a new one into a sort of noob, guide request thingy. i.e. people new to DC can post up what they found difficult when they first start(ed) to use DC. then we could produce a noob startup guide
  8. Support: How does this work?

    You could try NMDC wiki or the ADC draft
  9. ApexDC++ OP

    Will the lua support from dcdm-svn work with ApexDC++ Op. considering... does this mean that none of the lua scripting functionality can be used
  10. Development, program versions

    sorry posted this in the wrong place. this topic seems more appropriate
  11. ApexDC++ OP

    I think this link may be usefull to anyone intrested in a linux segmented downloading implmentation of dc++ sorry only just saw this. No, only dcdm-svn. is it possible (how difficult would it be) to merge theire lua support with the apex project. Would the fact that they havn't developed for ... however long, matter. i.e. how much do the chages made to dc effect the lua support. edit:using a browser without spell checker again ;)
  12. Advanced searching.

    I hadn't thought of that. Regex would be good it also looks like the search bug i reposted will be resolved in ADC cheers . Edit: The Surgeon, The Cramps & The Toy Dolls are where my musical interests lie
  13. Better traffic control

    and we have gone full circle. RainyShadow. perhaps you should post the exception you get when your DC crashes. Mayby some on else will have better luck then me with it :lol:
  14. Support: How does this work?

    please correct me if im wrong but.. i think that although it is possible that the pwdc tag (dont know anything about this) is messing up your lus script. it can probly be fixed by changing your patter match btw i dont thing lua does true regex, if you have writen a regex match for lua using some of the more advance regexe characters it may not work. see the following for info on string patterns in lua sritng patterns edit: i also know nothing about potax
  15. ApexDC++ OP

    i agree with Kulmegil. i would really love to see lua. it is good way for people to test and develop new functionality. i also think regex in adlsearch is a must. i am quite supprised that it is not there already. i woudnl't have thought it would have been that difficult a thing to implment. However i know there are already loads of things to do . Edit: if i could compile the damm thing on vc 2005 i might be able to have a crack at some of these things :)
  16. ApexDC++ OP

    I would really like to see lua scripting included in any OP version
  17. the pirates bay down :( It is well worth watching to see the outcome of this situation it could set a precedent for the European countries (and the EU) which havn't already bowed to the pressure of American commerce. Also considering a lot of stable public hubs are based in Sweden it will be interesting to see what affect, if any, this has to the DC community
  18. Better traffic control

    shurley thats a good thing .
  19. Quotes and (fun) stuff

    lol as mark Twian said "I have never let my schooling interfere with my education."
  20. Encoding selection for main chat & PMs

    what type of encoding?
  21. HTTP & FTP Multi-sourcing

    Technically i don't know how easy this is, but i would certainty like to see this rather then ftp. could you use some of the sharzaa code.
  22. ApexDC++ OP

    don't op much, but when i do i like DCDM :)
  23. Dynamic IP's with ApexDC++

    may have been a bit of a bold statement but (my ip change three times today %&$*, thats another gripe) wheni updated my dns i still had hubs saying "you present .. ip but have .. ip message". it looks like the hub resolves the dns entry when you first connect and the just uses that ip from then on. which makes total sense. cool :blushing: edit:just wanted to say you dont need to close the app for settings to take affect. just hit the reconnect button for the hub
  24. Quotes and (fun) stuff

    i was waiting for that one . As it has come im going to pre-empt the next one i expexted Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most. - Ozzy Osbourne had to be done :blushing:
  25. Quotes and (fun) stuff

    the best quote has to be but i also like last one sorry i went a bit mad there ^_^