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  1. Customizable popup menu items

    sorry for a bump, but.. any answer on this one? :thumbsup:
  2. Spam in public chat

    no need to post here, since every hub software has an option of sending automated timed messages, so it's already a resolved issue. clients should have no need for timed public chat messages because it will _mainly_ be used for spam.
  3. merge://

    this is not possible because if you merge 2 folders into one name, you will not be able to recognize 2 different files with same name/path for example c:\folder\file.data d:\folder\file.data those are 2 different files with same subpath and file name after merging: merge://C:\folder,D:\folder you will have: \folder\file.data \folder\file.data which surely is an ambiguous thing
  4. it would also be nice to add hints on those magnet links, which show the full magnet link in original something like ALT/TITLE attributes of IMG tag (in html)
  5. Fast windows switching

    Hi, Could you implement something like CTRL+TAB, but CTRL+1, CTRL+2, CTRL+3 (or ALT+1, ALT+2, ...) which will switch the current window to the 1st, 2nd, etc window in ApexDC? (something like that mIRC has as a feature) Thanx in advance.
  6. I see no results in search spy Edit: Correction, I don't see any results in search spy, with the option "Hide share in this hub" set in favorite hubs list, for that hub.. Since, I'm an admin/op there, I must have this info to have some statistics based on these results.. How can I turn these results on, without having to enable share?
  7. When first started, after a clean install of v1.0.0 in the File - Settings - Connection Settings, there is an odd radio button selected (firewall, with manual port forwarding) with an ip address of "". I suggest you to make the "direct connection" radio button selected by default and clear the IP text box.
  8. [Bug][1.0.0] Connection settings - Fixed

    great job, and very quick too. can we download a quick fix somewhere or something like that? :thumbsup:
  9. Pozdrav svima, Dakle, da li postoji već urađen prevod programa na srpskom jeziku i ako postoji, gde može da se preuzme, a ako ne postoji, gde može da se preuzme verzija na engleskom jeziku, da bi se prevela i uredila za srpski jezik? Hvala unapred.
  10. New User Command bug

    I have a lot of user commands added, and when I add a new user command, and try to move it on top of all the others, it just doesn't go up. It stays at the bottom. And after a couple of times going to File - Settings - User commands, and adjusting a new command position to be on top, it appears somewhere in the middle of the list, and next time it really places the command at the top position..