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  1. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas!

    A very Merry Christmas to all.
  2. Messages in main

    Yes thanx Old Indain i just overlooked it.
  3. Messages in main

    I have a problem i dont know how to put it off. All kickbalck messages are showing in the main. I now its a setting but i cant find it. Can someone tell me where i put that out?? Thanx and greetz Beertje
  4. Setup file wiping data when upgrading

    AggyTheSlyFox you can try to put the hole map settings in one time in the new apex. I do that and never had problems. Greetz Beertje
  5. Released: ApexDC++ 1.0.0 Beta

    Well done guys, congrat with 1 year of a great dc client. 779 now on the forum xxx Beertje
  6. User Commands

    Maybe there is a easyer way. I have put userscommands in the richtclick for PX, YN, Verli and Lev. So i always have the most needed cmd's fast to use. You put that in the favorites xml. Greetz Beertje
  7. Please help me... What is this APEXdc all about?

    Reporter i think you havent set up the emulation. Go to the yellow star on the top. Click on a hubname, choose properties. There you see use emulation for DC. You have to set this for all hubs. Good Luck Beertje
  8. Released: ApexDC++ 0.4.0 (Preview 4)

    I used the new 0.4.0 yesterday the hole christmas day and i'm really satisfied about it. It was really a nice gift from Santa. Today i'm going to test more but dont expect strange things. Well done guys. xxx Beertje
  9. Released: ApexDC++ 0.4.0 (Preview 4)

    MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY HEALTHY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU xxx Beertje o yes i will try the new right away :)
  10. [Support] TTH

    Can somebody tell us what this means?? < remote client does not fully support tth cannot dowload > We get that by some users if we wants to get the filelist and dont get the list. Thanx xxx beertje
  11. [Support] TTH

    Thanx Crise also the checker kickt him out LOL. xxxx
  12. Progressing with ApexDC++

    Great job guys for you all congratulations but keep on moving (K)(K)(K) Beertje
  13. Promote ApexDC++

    I put it on oure website under tips en tricks :-) (K)Beertje
  14. Begin Translating ApexDC++

    I put a older dutch file in it and that translate a lot. If someone wants to have it, i will give it to you. (K)Beertje
  15. Slots

    Hmm a strange problem in Apex. By my settings i had 1 slot open and 3 small uploadslots. I look to my uploads and see 7 people downloading by me. So i get my info and info says that i have 27 slots open. (K)Beertje
  16. Released: ApexDC++ 0.1.0 (Preview 1)

    Congratulated guys, you really did a good job. And yes Lee you capt all your promises. I have allready use Apex++ the hole day and looks great. So now i'm waiting for the OP version Keep going on guys, you make a lot of users happy whit this. (K)Beertje
  17. Released: ApexDC++ 0.1.0 (Preview 1)

    I check every half hour (K)Beertje
  18. ApexDC++ revealed!

    Great job guys, congratulation. I really had fun to do the tour. And really like the winampbar for users in it. (K)Beertje
  19. Development begins

    Youre the greatest Lee, come here and get a hug of me (K)Beertje
  20. A vacation

    So Zlobomir en Lee have a very nice holiday if we dont see/talk before. Enjoy it and have a very nice time. And dont worry, we try out the new Apex for you ahahhahaha. If you 2 comes back everybody is using it (K)Beertje
  21. Development begins

    Okay Lee you get one week to tease us LOL (K)Beertje
  22. Development begins

    Uh uh you cant tease Beertje Crise ahahha. Otherwise the network is falling all over you LOL. But i think Lee is so sweet to give to us (K) Beertje
  23. Development begins

    So maybe tomorrow the new ApexDC Lee??? (K)Beertje
  24. pissed and bored

    Waiting is always borring Balder XX
  25. Can we try the ApexDC++ Beta?

    It better be ahahhaa :)