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  1. problem with apexdc++ and qbittorrent

    Dc ++ programs also use magnetic links, so you have to disable the association option in apexdc ++ for qbittorrent to do the service.
  2. Bosskey

    It would be possible to implement the feature in uTorrent is called bosskey, and some mods of emule is called so invisible? She basically is that when you press a key combination defined by the user, the application of the system is hidden and can not be seen, only the task manager or similar system, ie, nothing in the taskbar, the system tray. Thanks and have a nice day.
  3. Statistic

    Statistics like Emule?
  4. release 1.5.2 brings requested fixes

    Thanks you! :)
  5. Translators needed

    I can translate into Portuguese of Brazil.