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  1. Force download of specific part

    yep - so i cant download a partial file from a user.... but i dont seem to be able to specify which parts of a file i want to download from a specific user
  2. Force download of specific part

    Is there a way of forcing DC to download a specific part of a file? eg. Client 1 has a 10gb file Clients 2, 3 and 4 are downloading this 10gb file At the moment in seems that each client grabs the parts from the start of the file... meaning that clients 2,3,4 are are downloading the same stuff from client 1. If there is a way of forcing different parts, client 2 could download from the start, client 3 from the middle and client 4 from the end.... meaning that, after some initial download time, each client would now have 3 sources for the same 10gb file. Is this do-able somehow - i havent been able to find a setting for it.
  3. New file notification

    ok, so each filelist is just an xml - i hope we all agree that comparing two XML's and picking out whats new is easy. Surely it would be possible, to have an option on each user where-by you can right click ->"check for new files" This process firstly renames the existing filelist for the user (eg user.old.xml.bz2) , downloads the new one, runs the compare function already included in the program and then either dynamically displays the differneces or creates a new filelist (eg user.diff.xml.bz2) and displys that on a mass basis, there could be an option to download/check new files for all users on the hub - which could have a limit of hubs with 15 users (i assume the client software is aware of can be made aware of the number of users on a hub) or less. This would be perfect for a small "closed" community. I undertsand the software is open source and therefore people could change this limit and recompile - and since no one place is specifically responible for hub software, its difficult to implement quickly, but it would still be possible to bar this feature from the server side If its not possible to limit this effectively to small hubs, then simply dont implement the mass update and make it possible on a user by user basis only. anyhoo - since there is cleary some negativity towards this, ill try writing it myself for use in our community.
  4. New file notification

    I admit i dont know apex DC well, but on the resource usage.... if the client held the last downloaded file list from particular users, downloaded the new one when connecting to the hub (or at a set interval) and then compares it on the client side, i can see that the server would get hammered on a hub with 100 users, which each requested everyone elses list at the same time, but there are ways to mitigate this.
  5. New file notification

    Hi all, I use apex dc++ in a "closed" community (so to speak) where it is a regular bunch of users sharing. It would be extremely useful to us to have a feature where we could see what new file each user on the hub had either since last logon, or for example, new files on the hub in the last 2 weeks.