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  1. oh sorry toast, didn't realize don't bite me! (ur pic is ferocious..lol) . so do you guys know if TLS will work on all ADC hubs or what? (thats what i meant when i was asking for hub suggestions... specific hub address) anyone? ..... and considering both are on say dsl and the other peer isn't using TLS then won't that likely defeat the whole purpose anyway?
  2. apexDC++ settings for Comodo Firewall

    Hi Saankarite, It sounds like you're doing everything correctly, however, overlooking one setting within your firewall setting. To answer you question, NO it isn't necessary to set a value for your TLS port. That is a form of encryption not necessary, and while TLS is a great conceptual technology [that has yet to be implemented to widespread use] for the purposes of this post, I'm not going to explain it. In any case, it sounds as if you've configured both your router and ApexDC client to run correctly with eachother. So, I'll have you check your firewall settings, which more than likely should solve your problem. Comodo is a feature rich firewall thus it does take some familiarization and some setting up but once done it proves to be far better in terms of TCP/IP security and local protection as well. Once configured it will work, I assure you [i know because I use both together regularly]. To the point; What you should need to do is to first open the Comodo interface; you will see tabs across the top of the main control window; from there you will want to click on the Firewall button; that will alter the inset control panel of the window itself. Now, in the main window below click on 'port sets' [under common tasks]; this is where you'll be able to set specific rules to allow your DC port to have privileged access - much like your router. From there, there are 3 categories of port sets, the one you want to click on is 'privileged ports' [toward the bottom]. You can right click on 'privileged ports' and select 'add port'. Now, you want to add a SINGLE PORT [the port you've been entering for DC forwarding, of course] [also, don't click the exclude option]. Hit Apply for your new port, Apply for the port sets and THATS IT - you should be set. At the most, you may give the computer a quick reboot and you'll be up and running. Let us know if that fixes it for you okay - POET
  3. Request a Guide

    It would be very helpful for ppl not familar with ipblocking to read the manual at pheonix labs... or better yet have the manual posted as a guide so they can get the info right off the site here when they are setting up. Heres what helped me the most to get setup: http://wiki.phoenixlabs.org/wiki/Main_Page
  5. Share skiplist

    Would be nice if it was by folder, by hub. So you can share diff folders on diff hubs. Apex is the shiet!
  6. TLS is a form of encryption which is currently available in the Apex client and others. Granted there is some work involved insetting it up; it prevents your isp from inspecting your packets, which as a result disables their ability to traffic-shape data sent though your encrytped port. There is still the problem associated with bandwidth limiting that the isp must deal with assuming that TSL (or any other encryption method) becomes widely used. Currently ISPs use a form of blacklisting in which their packet sniffers find and limit bandwidth access based on know P2P protcols. However, on the other hand if ISPs were to be severly hindered by and influx of encrypted connections the method of blacklisting to "punish" bandwidth hogs will likely be altered to a white-listing method. In which, only packets that may be inspected and certified according to requirements imposed by the ISP itself are permitted to passthrough at unrestricted rates. This is a great source for more infoprmation on defeating traffic shaping: http://dcpp.wordpress.com/2007/09/19/defea...ith-encryption/ and This is a post which explains a bit more on how to configure and use TLS: http://forums.apexdc.net/index.php?showtopic=911