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  1. Apexdc Hangs Constantly-Exceptioninfo Generated

    Anyone has any idea to help me put please? Thank you.
  2. Apexdc Hangs Constantly-Exceptioninfo Generated

    Hi Crise no I don't except the geo-something one that gets installed during installation. I also have another old problem with Apex. I will post it here, in case it might help you determine the other issue, but let me know if you want me to open a new thread. I mainly download cbrcbz files and in the log I kept seeing error like this one: "[17:46:53] Error hashing <myfile.cbz>: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process." These error files are present on my hdd as complete in their full size but when I open them they are empty. On the other hand, in Apex, they appear as constantly downloading: they reach a certain percentage as complete and than start from scratch endlessly. So I have to find each one of these error files, delete them and than the proper download starts and completes successfully. I thought this might have been due to a corrupt queue so I didn't add anything until the old one completed but now i am back with the same issue on top of the constant hanging. I don't know if the constant crashes can damage the queue or what is the cause of this. Anyway I have used Apex for years and never had any of these issues. Thank you.
  3. Hi guys, All of a sudden Apex has started not responding from startup and using high cpu. I cannot open a search window, i cannot switch tab or do anything else that it starts hanging. It will stop after a good while but than whatever I try do do it starts again. -I have reduced the download speed, stopped immediate hashing of downloaded files to no avail. Besides I had all that turned on up to few days ago without any issue. -I also reverted to previous version from current one and did a fresh install of latest version and still no luck. -I have run checkdisk on all involved disks and no problem was found. Few minutes ago it generated this exception which I don't know if it is related or not: Code: c0000005 (Access violation) Version: 1.6.0 (Aug 17 2014) Major: 6 Minor: 2 Build: 9200 SP: 0 Type: 1 Time: 2014-08-29 14:59:22 TTH: K5J6ZYNXBJIMPBBB4YSX5DSN7LMYWY47CJH5QBY d:developmentdcdevapexdctrunkclientclient.cpp(262): dcpp::Client::isSecure d:developmentdcdevapexdctrunkclientclient.cpp(213): dcpp::Client::getPluginObject d:developmentdcdevapexdctrunkclientpluginmanager.h(146): dcpp::PluginManager::runHook<tagUserData> d:developmentdcdevapexdctrunkclientclient.cpp(193): dcpp::Client::send d:developmentdcdevapexdctrunkclientnmdchub.cpp(927): dcpp::NmdcHub::revConnectToMe d:developmentdcdevapexdctrunkclientnmdchub.cpp(64): dcpp::NmdcHub::connect d:developmentdcdevapexdctrunkclientclientmanager.cpp(409): dcpp::ClientManager::connect d:developmentdcdevapexdctrunkclientconnectionmanager.cpp(180): dcpp::ConnectionManager::on d:developmentdcdevapexdctrunkclienttimermanager.cpp(56): dcpp::TimerManager::run d:developmentdcdevapexdctrunkclientthread.h(109): dcpp::Thread::starter KERNEL32!0x917616AD: BaseThreadInitThunk ntdll!0x937B34A5: RtlUserThreadStart I am on Win 8.1 pro x64. Thank you
  4. Remember Searches+Download Problem

    Hi Crise, Yesterday I went back to passive mode and that seemed to have sorted the problem but I also changed the priority of some of the files in queue. I am now back in active mode cause I pass the "check connection test". Re these settings, even if i pass the test, i am unclear on 2 things: -Do i have to open 2 TCP (3968,3969) and 2 UDP (3968,6250) ports in my router? (So far I have opened tcp 3969 and udp 3968) -In my router i only have tcp and udp so I don't know if these TLS and DHT ports needs some specific settings: Re. the queue these are my settings: TTH is the default value of 5 minutes and it cannot be lower of that as it reverts back to 5. Do you want me to modify the "Highest,Normal, Low, High prio max size"? I don't understand much these settings: what do they refer to exactly and how to modify them effectively? I deselected the "Auto Priority by default" as suggested. When I add something in the queue do i have to give these files a priority?
  5. Remember Searches+Download Problem

    Hello Crise and thanks for the help. 1) It has been missing for a while so I hope we do get it back with next version. 2) I don't think I have ever changed those setting which are as this: My problem is that the queue doesn't get processed despite plenty of availability for sources. Often I find apex not downloading anything at all, until I do a search for some of the items in queue than apex starts downloading all the available files at full speed. The problem is that I need to be at the PC to do that every now and than so not very practical. Thank you.
  6. Remember Searches+Download Problem

    Hello everyone, I have a couple of issues i hope i can receive help about: 1) I am quite sure there is an option to remember searches but i have gone mad through all options available and cannot find it anymore: is it still there and if so where? 2) Despite having a huge queue of stuff to download with plenty of available sources often Apex just downloads a couple of files at a time at 13 of the available bandwith instead of going at full speed. Is there anyway to prevent this? I am on win8 x64 and i am in active mode. Thank you
  7. White Bands On Mouse Selection

    Thank you both for the suggestions. Unfortunately I don't particularly like the light colours combinations. There could maybe be an option to disable mouse "highlighting" which could maybe solve the problem or not have Aero compatibility at all. I'll check for new updates to see if situation improves and will avoid to update the old client I am using which doesn't have the issue at present. Many thanks.
  8. White Bands On Mouse Selection

    Thank again. The only scheme that works is total white which I cannot stand so I had to switch to another client. I don't know if you are amongst the developers but maybe an option to disable the Aero adaptation would be good if feasible. Many thanks
  9. White Bands On Mouse Selection

    Hi Big Muscle, Thanks for the help. I was on 7 with Aero before and I did not have this issues which appeared only with the recent update: how come? Also can you please tell me how to match colour theme to Aero since I do not want to disable it? Thank you.
  10. White Bands On Mouse Selection

    Hello, Since upgrading to the new release I get these white bands that follow my mouse cursor or anything I select and make it impossible to read anything below. Any way to remove them please? I got no result tweaking the settings. I am on Seven Ultimate x64 Thank you
  11. Imported Logs Not Recognised

    Hi anyone can help on this please. Also with the new update there is now an higlighted line across all I place my cursor on: anyone knows how to get rid of that too? Many thanks
  12. Imported Logs Not Recognised

    As I said, if I knew where to find those settings i would have changed them already. I have gone through all settings again but the one regarding the logging eludes me. Anyone minds indicating me the path please? Thank you.
  13. Imported Logs Not Recognised

    I stored them in C:\Program Files (x86)\ApexDC++\Logs\PM which is the only folder I could guess where to store them. In the same folder I also have January 2010 and February 2010 a setting, as explained, I don't wish to have but don't know how to get rid of. Oddly enough January 2010 and February 2010 are actually written in Italian (I reside in Italy) despite the installation language I picked was English as is my os (7 x64) and all the rest of the program.
  14. Imported Logs Not Recognised

    Well if i did I don't know what I missed and anyway I cannot manage to have Apex open previous imported logs.
  15. Imported Logs Not Recognised

    Hi Guys, I have imported into Apex private chat logs from another client. I have noticed though that in Apex the logs are stored separated by month while I would prefer to have just one log per contact like in my previous client. At present when I right click on a Favourite User to open its "user log" I receive the "User Log doesn't exist" meaning Apex doesn't see the imported logs. Any way to fix all this please? Thank you :)