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  1. Users Local Time

    I also like the option, and agree with Greg. If we can make also some statistics for how long or in what hour interval the client has been active yesterday or most often in the last X days... So the leecher will know exactly when its source will shut down, so he could estimate whether he could get a file for the time needed. It is not very likely that the file will be unique, but still... And if we accept that option as sending of personal data, user should be able to switch it off.
  2. Need a new beta tester?

    In fact, Phantom DC has some plugins. It is another issue that it looks quite different from DC++ and the other mods.
  3. Improved Slot System

    Well, Iknow we didn't went too far before using my logic, but I see it like this: a) x small upload slots for files below x MB (x being customizable) automatic slot granting system And the user to be able to choose which one to use... It's just because I would like to see an innovative, powerful, and highly customizable new client. :mellow:
  4. When will ApexDC++ be released?

    Well, first, sorry for my absence (all should agree that school is a necessary evil). Still, I wonder why Big Muscle and our team don't join efforts in clearing out the bugs in Strong DC++ RC11, then just our team to modify. I do not know whether Big Muscle will be happy with this idea, but now we're stuck.
  5. When will ApexDC++ be released?

    February 28, but one millisecond before Lee's exact hour. Since I should be a tester already, if I win I suppose I can grant the right to a very good friend of mine (sorry, here in BG there's too much corruption)? Apart from that, I will encourage my friend to give his vote. :)