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  1. IP Updater

    I simply do not understand... I am using "Firewall with manual port forwarding". Further. my Fav Hubs have empty value, I just point to the LAN adres for my 4 local hubs (right, they are on a PC on another LAN port of my router, but it is the same in theory?). So, if you manage to update the IP in settings, all should be OK.
  2. How good is your PC

    Umm, I am using 2 x 1 GB PQI 667MHz + 512MB V-DATA Memory Expert 800MHz right now. Sure, it does not say "Dual channel" anymore, but I ran Memtest, no errors, and I have 2.5GB in Windows. True, the PC randomly restarts, and I will remove the V-DATA to check. What PCI frequency do you recommend? Auto or 33.33, or some of the other two above values?
  3. As the size of language files is funny, I am proposing once more to include the language pack in the installer. Maybe we can think of some way to detect the selected language, so then pressing a button "Check for language pack update" will check for the latest version of the respective language. ;)
  4. Apex DC++ 1.0.1 crashes

    Check RAM - Memtest Check HDD - HDD Regenerator
  5. Apex freezing very often

    Not caused by some item in download queue? I regularly suffer from this freeze too.
  6. ApexDC++ Usercommands

    Type /help The list is hopefully updated.
  7. Ладно, будеть хорошо иметь такой файллист. П. С. Feel free to post in the English section directly, when you find it. :thumbsup:
  8. Installer and language files

    Corporations and politics prefer globalization and english-speaking zombies, so there will be no any food for translators. :P
  9. Problem With Small File Size

    Stnage. Haven't looked at this for a long time, maybe it was changed. Iranmaster, are you sure that exactly the filelist takes the slot? Not hard to mess if many uploads are running
  10. ApexDC++Sound - New version

    Yes, it was a joke. The three of us are saying it. :thumbsup:
  11. ApexDC++Sound - New version

    Hey, don't you think I have heard the sounds before being able to discuss? If TheJackal really has hurt your ears, your posts really are hurting my eyes, more and more and more. Your so called "joke", for which you pretend to be very wise, deep and understandable only by great brains like yours, should then be posted in PM. And PM to yourself, since I feel really dumb now and I fel hou bed mi Englych ys. If you were expecting a direct answer from TheJackal, you should have PMed him. Now get what you have asked for, bare with me, Mikey and eventually rest of the team. I will do my best to virtually terminate you, and will do it not with anger, but with pleasure. And at the end, if I am successful, I will put my iron boots and do with you what Achiles did with Hector's corpse. As you say, emo time here: :thumbsup: If there was any mistake at all, it is that TheJackal does not speak English good, and maybe should have posted in the BG section first. imo it is safer and more peaceful there, do not know why. With all being written above, I sincerely wish you to have a nice day, which is highly unlikely if you behave the same way in real life, or unless you are a masochist. @Mikey - thanks, you really spoke my mind.
  12. Problem With Small File Size

    Exactly, I think it is given always and "silently", not decreasing the no. of upload slots you have.
  13. Спасибо для сообщение. Пожалуйста, скажите как можно на 99-100% повторить ета ошибка (проиграть ситуацией).
  14. TTH

    I see, thanks for explaining.
  15. TTH

    OK, seems I made a slight mistake here, hehe. :thumbsup: Still, how he can "download normally with DC++ 0.674" and isn't the minimum allowed 0.401, not 0.402?
  16. ApexDC++Sound - New version

    Grrr, are YOU sadistic OR just not able/willing to do better? Still, afaik almost no one has submitted any sounds up to now, so let's kill him? :thumbsup: Sounds are customizable, everyone can change any particular sound.
  17. TTH

    "Remote client does not support TTH" - these are usually old, and always unstable clients. They do not hash, so it is possible to spread "broken" files on DC. For this reason TTH-supporting clients are not downloading from non-TTH supportin ones, for safety reasons. While non-TTH supporting clients and as it seems the original DC++ are able to download from all. But I am kicking for no TTH support in all hubs where I can. :thumbsup:
  18. ApexDC IS running under Wine (Linux)!

    Unfortunately I recently have made up a report about NTFS (basically a Wiki translation :thumbsup: ), and I know there are drivers for safe read/write of NTFS under Linux. So why (the h*ll) it should cause problems...
  19. Problem With Small File Size

    afaik a slot for filelist download is given ALWAYS. I. e. not counted in min. file size, neither in your free upload slots. FL is just treated like "anyone can get it anytime".
  20. Problem when Reconnecting

    Quite sure, as we already have complaints for PtokaX, regarding incorrect showing of kicks...
  21. Linux ApexDC++

    imo he does not bash, he just wants a challenge. ;)
  22. Connection problems

    It is again fff (fault in fine firewall. I am 99% sure.
  23. ApexDC IS running under Wine (Linux)!

    Can you please check SDC++ 2.12 and native DC++ 0.705 under same conditions (NTFS and FAT32) and report feedback? Thanks in advance.
  24. CRASH v.1.0.1

    Yes, please do... If not a problem. But we need to know what usage was it when it crashed (download, upload, etc...).
  25. Отностно pass при reg!

    По-скоро важна е дължината на паролата, не какви символи съдържа, стига да е смесена от букви и цифри. Това, че ще присъства по-засукан символ не помага изобщо.