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  1. Unicode support

    Hi Thanks for the suggestion. I am not familiar with Linux, Windows one sounds more interesting. Unfortunately, Aegaeon is still in its beta stage without any final release. Dun actually dare to deploy In addition, this hub sofware seems to be a lightweight one (the code is so short) without scripting feature... very upset with this. Now I can only rely on the development team Minh.
  2. Unicode support

    Wow, thanks for the info. I will try out ADC hub. I managed to do a quick search in Internet for this ADC protocol. So far I could only found DCH:Pro which can support this protocol. However dunno where I can download such tool. Can you help? Are there alternative hub softwares? Minh.
  3. Installation!

    Hi all, Some times, users of DC++ are not computer-literate. As the result, they are quite reluctant to move to the new tool. That actually happens when I convinced some of my users to make a change from original DC++ to PWDC++ to enjoy new features. And I even had to configure the new PWDC++ client to my hub (and put the Downloads folder in the detault shared folder list), then zipped it, made self-extract version and finally distributed to my users. So if possible, can you team release an installation package that can eventually upgrade to ApexDC++ from previous versions of DC++. Minh.
  4. Unicode support

    Hi team, I am in Vietnam where the writing language is Vietnamese. We could not type Vietnamese characters(Unicode UTF-8) in the chatroom. Can the team add this support in the new version? The Vietnamese language is like this (alphabet character + some tonal signs and diacratics): "Cám ơn rất nhiều" (many thanks). Minh.