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  1. Filter File List

    May have been asked for previously, but it would be nice to be able to have multiple filters on a file list (e.g., "-noads" would suppress display of file names with that term; "green" would allow display only of files with that term; the two together would display only files with "green" but not "noads").
  2. Subtract list not working after update to 1.5.10

    Yes, I reported the same bug a couple of weeks ago -- no response yet.
  3. Filter File List

    Bump -- This feature would REALLY be appreciated (by at least me).
  4. Hashes & Downloads history

    See if this helps:!DF1631E91F1D2827!137.entry
  5. [Bug 1.01] Only 1 DL at a time

    I've been using 1.01 since it came out, but I've notice that it won't start more than one DL for queued items, even if a search shows that open slots exist for online users. Further, it was very rare that more than one segment would be active at a time for the one DL that was working. So today I switched back to Beta 5 and it was like uncorking a bottle -- multiple DL's starting flowing at high speed, with multiple segments. I changed no settings -- just deleted the apexdc.exe and apexde.pdb files and re-installed Beta 5 in the same directory.
  6. 100Mb/s is max download/upload speed :(

    I believe you are mixing units. A HDD's speed is measured in megaBYTES pers second, while network transmission speeds are normally measured in megaBITS per second. A typical HDD can writte WELL in excess of 100 megaBITS per second, while a typical DSL or cable connection is doing great if it can transmit at 10 megaBITS per second. So the disk is never a significant bottle neck in DL'ing. UPDATE: I just benchmarked a disk to disk (SATA to SATA) transfer of a single 4 GByte file -- it took 87 seconds. That's in excess of 400 megaBITS per second, or 50 megaBYTES per second.
  7. [1.0.1][Bug] no memorize column settings?

    No, they are not saved; I want this order for hubs: Nick, Shared, Exact Share, Slots, Connection, Hubs, Description, IP. What I get (no matter what I do) is: Nick, Shared, Exact Share, Connection, Description, IP, Hubs, Slots. Similarly in search windows: the columns won't save in my preferred order. Using 1.01
  8. Query about log file viewing

    In DC++, the status log can be viewed as a tab. I don't see that this can be done in ApexDC -- I'm having to find the logs and open them with a text viewer outside of Apex. Am I missing something in Apex that would allow me to see the status log in a tab, or does it lack that capability? Using ApexDC++ 1.0.0B2 TIA, qazxswedcvfr
  9. Query about log file viewing

    Thanks for the reply. I may have gotten my terminology confused -- what I want to open in a tab is the System log, not hub status logs. Can Apex do that, and if so, where is the "open" command?