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  1. Released: ApexDC++ 1.0.1

    Bravo! And how many people do actually donate?
  2. 993,867 Downloads !

    ApexDC++ е наистина добро
  3. 1 million downloads achieved

    Of course they'll be 1 million ApexDC is the best!
  4. Hi If its possible can you make so that we can format the text in color and size and other and post images as in poster etc... Thanks!
  5. Great link tracking Script

    WOW PHP i love php
  6. Your browser of choice

    I use Flock
  7. Very Hot

    Your PC will burn
  8. Very Hot

    here the sun will burn you
  9. Аз го гледам с Media Player Classic това е кодек който отваря файл с каквото и да било разширение
  10. Remote client does not fully support TTH - cannot download

    Well i like the style of apex so i but i need to download from users that say dont fully support TTH because we have an FTP we call free and its like a local directory if you open it its like you open a folder on the pc and you can watch movies directly and even can share it but i cant download from the guy(ISP) that shared it in dc
  11. Very Hot

    In my country it gets very hot to 40 degrees How about you(all of you)? Its like the sun's gotten closer... When i get out its like there is a fire burning next to me but in my face and every where the air is warm..
  12. Идея

    Интересна идея!
  13. Remote client does not fully support TTH - cannot download

    Can't this error be fixed in these new versions?or a special one?