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  1. Compiling ApexDC++

    The Common Man's Guide to compile ApexDC++ In Windows Vista Wrighten by the Common man --Needed----------------- -VS / VC++ .NET 2005 -Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005 Team Suite Service Pack 1 Download -Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 Update for Windows Vista Download -Patched WTL Download -STLport 5.0.1 or newer (don't use betas RC's etc.) Download -WMP SDK9 Download -DX SDK feb2007 Download -vld-10-src -WinXPSP2Firewall_src -Apex Source Download? -StrongDc Source Download I am going to do this guide Start to Finish First of all you must download buy Install this as normaly untill you get prompt that you need to download VS80sp1-KB926601-X86-ENU ,VS80sp1-KB932232-X86-ENU install both of these then vs will work on Vista ok , This is where i got stuck Xp you only need STLport and WTL and a few small bits with vista setting up the enviroment you need to compile is a nighmare so here we go ..... Download WMP SDK9 The Microsoft® Windows Media® Player 9 Series Software Development Kit i was told i only need a few file from this as in all the packs you need but for some reason i could not compile with out the full packs. Why we downloading you also need DX SDK feb2007 DirectX Software Development Kit these 2 are the bigest of the downloads so best to get these first Smaller bits to download are vld-10-src & WinXPSP2Firewall_src small but hard to find i may say only a few files from theses are needed Then there's the STLport and WTL (i am adding links above so you wont have as much trouble i had finding) Ok then lets start i started with adding stlport first, i created a folder on drive C: called CVS in that folder i made a folder called stlport you unzip stlport in to that folder. Open the folder up and double click on install and stlport with open a win32 window and start compiling itself. When this has done create a folder again in CVS folder called WTL unzip WTL there .right thats the 2 bit need on xp let do the vista bit . Create 4 more folders in CVS called DirectX WMP-SDK SP2-Firewall VLD. Install DX SDK feb2007 to DirectX Folder WMP SDK9 to WMP-SDK folder Unzip XPSP2 to SP2-Firewall and also Unzip vld-10-src to VLD folder. Now with all that done its time to add these as includes to vs2005 . -----Follow These Steps or it will not work---- OpenUp VS 2005 on the file menu select Tools then options this will open up a options box, on the left hand side of the options box at the bottom tick show all settings. now you see all the setting's in the option box. On the left had side select the Projects and solutions .Then in the submenu select VC++ Directories......Right now on your right hand side at the top Show directories. on the pull down menu select Include files. you have 5 button above the window click the one with a folder in and start addin the includes -=as follow=- C:\CVS\STLPort\stlport C:\CVS\WTL C:\CVS\WMP-SDK\include C:\CVS\SP2-Firewall C:\CVS\DirectX\Include C:\CVS\VLD STLport must be at the top of the list Also in the pull down menu select Library files and add the following in order -=as follow=- C:\CVS\STLPort\lib C:\CVS\VLD On both the parts above make sure your paths are right if you followed the guide with the CVS folder then there be right . ok now we got vs in vista and its ready to compile now you can download the apex source unzip it and start , remeber in the apex source add a folder called compiled hope this help us commom guys out there..... Skynet The Guide below is the standerd XP install For STLPort and WTL Preparing STLport 1. Download the patched version of STLport from *coming soon* under Downloads 2. Unzip it into any directory i.e. E:\CVS\StrongDC\ STLport-5.0.1 <--- my dir (Referenced as STLport dir) 3. Go to VS / VC++ 2005 look at the top menu: Tools > Options > Projects & Solutions > VC++ directories There you select Include Files (from dropdown menu) and you add the STLport header directory which is located in your STLport dir and named stlport. Them make sure your STLport header directory is on the very top of the Include Files list. Preparing WTL 1. Download WTL from *coming soon* (Please note this is a patched WTL) 2. Extract to some folder. In my case E:\CVS\StrongDC 3. Rename folder include to WTL (Optional) 4. Go to VS / VC++ 2005 look at the top menu Tools > Options > Projects & Solutions > VC++ directories There you select Include Files (from dropdown menu) and you add your WTL dir (in my case: E:\CVS\StrongDC\WTL) Then click on the up arrow and make sure that the directory goes all the way to the second of the list. 5. Make sure STLport is at the TOP of the Include list of VS / VC++ 2005 & WTL is directly BELOW STLport. Now you have WTL & STLport prepared !!! -------------------------------------------------------------------- Get the missing natupnp files from: Here and put them to: C:\ Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\include\ -------------------------------------------------------------------- Compilation to .exe & .pbd 1. Go to dir where ApexDC++ source is and find file named StrongDC.sln and double-click it to open Note: IF YOU HAVE SP2 SDK INSTALLED REMOVE IT FROM VS 2005 Include Files (This was the thing that failed my compilation numerous of times) 2. Near the toolbars you should see a box with either Debug or Release in it, if it is set to Release leave it as it is otherwise change it to Release 3. right-click the Solution "StrongDC" (8 projects) and choose Build Solution (after the first compile it's recommended to choose Rebuild Solution) 4. Wait it to Finnish. 5. After it has finished the .exe & .pdb file can be found from the ApexDC++ source dir in Compiled directory. Edit: This is directly pasted from Word to Rich Text Editor on the forums so bare with the formatting... --------------------
  2. Compiling ApexDC++

    well theres a lot of stuff to add but sure i can come up with a guide and download links to bits needed as there hard to find ,, i just notest where you from not far from me i can come around and set it up for you lol
  3. Compiling ApexDC++

    Hi all after a year out and away from dc, been talked back in to doing some programing (no names) lol, Ive come back with a new system aka Vista and visual studio 2005 hmmmm. I here you say well after 4 days working out all the bugs and errors i fianaly compiled apex this morning . The guide at the start of this post will only help you so far there is a lot more needed under the vista system ,, If there is a call for a vs vista setup guide to compile apex post back here and even with my bad gramma i will set up a guide how to compile apex dc under windows Vista. :crying:
  4. Raw Commands

    you a star cheers m8ty
  5. Raw Commands

    works well but what i am after is the report sent auto using the raws not usercmds, i try and explain a bit better client picks up say cheat : op client i need to get a auto raw sent to opchat asking ops to check client and give them all the details on the user with the cheat just a idea i am working on
  6. Raw Commands

    ooo dear i come back and what have thay done , played about with raws (sniff sniff) so after reading above about 20 times ++++ how on earth do you get a raw cmd to send info to a chatroom eg: User: <nick> <ip> is sharing vob files can someone please check them and take the right actions (Thankyou from your handy little file checker) i could do this with old raws help please i wont bite
  7. ApexDC++ OP

    Good Evening Good Morning and Good night ,Where ever you are on this small rock in the sky Sorry i not been around much not been to well, and also been updating all My software to latest one's out todate , i am going to read right though the forum and catch up on every think.been ficking thought some posts and yes i am a fan of dcdm but the same old beta copys have been kicking about for months with no update's So there might have to get there arses in gear and get some new ones out Lua is a must have for a op client i have said so for years due to the lack of scripting in Yhub Ynhub and with all the diffrent hub softwares about eg: ynhub ptokax verli shadows zpoc hexhub and the ones i have missed .. the raw cmds for auto kicks bans and warn will have to be multi raws like dcdm 49 has so there user friendly i remeber back in cdm days took my ages wrighting raws and there where less hub softs back then. Being a op for 6 years i hope i know by now what people need - IP Strings in main & PM - Whois on the icon bar - lua support - auto file checking (as in most op clients done thought the adsl.xml but with a posable updater added so the adsl can update its self from the apex site) - isp/ip checking (posable peerGardian type system so it imports there block list) all the above are posable ideas, i am going to sit back now read the forum look at ideas on here and see what clients people like and what thay dont like one last thing big Soccer fan world cup on COME ON ENGLAND
  8. www and dc

    i Dont think that would be to hard to do but its not me coding the client i all ready use that in hub scripts ...but by typing /help in main chat your clients have cmds there these would give use dc faq eg: strongdc cvs132 has these>>> HELP ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ /dc++ (zobrazi verzi DC++ v mainchatu) /strongdc++ (zobrazi verzi StrongDC++ v mainchatu) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ i cant see it being hard to add dc faq there as well but think /dc++ /strongdc++ covers that, as for the rules and reging etc thay can be added to the user command in the settings like this >> <%[mynick]> !kick %[nick] No Slots for Filelist Dispite DC++| there would be no point in adding them to a client as every hub as diffrent cmds and you would need to set your own up most hubs have the RHC menu's anyway these days SkyNet
  9. Features for OP version

    You probley all know what i think about a op version i use ip, isp and time straps all ready to main, so i not only know the ip but also the contry the users are from, as for hide share and hide your self that in most scripts and hub but there are ways around it on the hub side but client side it works, other good bits i use in op client are the editable tags i am op'ed in 150 + hubs most set there max hubs to 40 so also in fav hubs i got a box to add my own tag for me this is a life saver ,asdl file checker i cant do with out this most advance is the dcdm one but i can see room for improvment extras i would and have added. scripted client as well i can run a ynhub fully scripted with the like's of lucifer and socks5 scripts all form one client. i can go though list and list of extra bit in my op client but this screen aint that big SkyNet
  10. When will ApexDC++ be released?

    When its dam good and ready.. does that mean i have got it right :)