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  1. Little info regarding that http://dcpp.wordpress.com/2007/05/22/denyi...tacks/#comments

    Also checking the DC++ changelog we find the following: 0.709 -  * Disallow fake connections to a few known hub list servers (poy)

    0.692 - * Added warning when someone tries to spam hublist.org or dcpp.net with your client   ;)

    So removal would not be an option  :lol:

    That makes some sense, there are a few hubs that simply don't allow any mod clients, and we are considered a mod i suppose.....silly purist!

  2. I upgraded to the newest version and every file starts to download and then immediately start again... after hours the files keep starting and never really begin downloading... any ideas what I should do?

    and is there any way to export my favorites so that if I do need to reinstall I don't have to reenter them all one by one?

    where are downloading from?....http://www.apexdc.net/download/, you should grab the setup file.

    If you want to save all your settings, here is the safest way, make a copy of your current apex folder and save it someplace out of the way. After you download the new apex install it in the same folder as your current apex and it will save all your settings.

    If for any reason things go to hell with the install you have the copy that you saved, just delete the one that bad and put the one you saved back where you had your old one.

  3. Tried that with no success still partial connection! just dont get it


    You say you opened those ports, did you open them in the router also?

    If you are not behind a router you will need to open the ports in your windows firewall if your running XP...if you are running Vista, from what little I know you will need to do the same through the admin side.

    Also if you are behind a router and your getting this problem, check and make sure that your windows firewall, in XP is turned off, you don't need to run it if you are behind a router.

    you don't need the tls port.

    Good luck, sometimes going active can be maddening.

  4. Or just turn it off. ;)

    this is off topic a bit, but reading back through the post here, I am kind of wondering why I am getting none of the errors or crashes, The only thing I have noticed on my side is the thing with the check IP in connection settings, but once I typed in my IP, as well as binding my static ip for my machine, it hasn't been a problem.

    as far as the other thing with the notification of your hub being hacked or having unseemly types nosing around I do believe it is a good thing and I would be checking it out promptly...Did I mention it would freak me right out if I saw that message?

    Other than that the thing seems to run very smooth for me and uses less memory to do it.

    I run XP pro and host a hub on the same machine I am using apex on and bot are doing great.

  5. -=[ ApexDC++ 1.2.0B Compiled on: 2008-12-24 ]=-

    -=[ Uptime: 13 min 2 sec ][ Cpu time: 0:06:13 ]=-

    -=[ Memory usage (peak): 56,92 MiB (94,75 MiB) ]=-

    -=[ Virtual memory usage (peak): 59,23 MiB (90,46 MiB) ]=-

    -=[ Downloaded: 229,99 KiB ][ Uploaded: 43,87 MiB ]=-

    -=[ Total download: 115,01 GiB ][ Total upload: 626,46 GiB ]=-

    -=[ System Uptime: 4 days 18 hours 52 min ]=-

    -=[ CPU Clock: 2658,667214 MHz ]=-

    no problems yet... running on vista 32bit ultimate...

    looks fine...

    more to come

    Mine is looking better than ever....probably the best since peerweb I do believe.

    =[ ApexDC++ 1.2.0B Compiled on: 2008-12-24 ]=-

    -=[ Uptime: 16 hours 35 min 29 sec ][ Cpu time: 0:06:00 ]=-

    -=[ Memory usage (peak): 28.04 MiB (35.95 MiB) ]=-

    -=[ Virtual memory usage (peak): 30.76 MiB (38.14 MiB) ]=-

    -=[ Downloaded: 239.92 KiB ][ Uploaded: 1.54 GiB ]=-

    -=[ Total download: 95.18 GiB ][ Total upload: 203.58 GiB ]=-

    -=[ System Uptime: 4 days 14 hours 14 min ]=-

    -=[ CPU Clock: 2004.607499 MHz ]=-

  6. maybe your machine is firewalled, or has an antivirus software that blocks incoming packets..?

    Yep that works just dandy, or it did for me, just used my own port numbers that i chose and my own p/w....I also used the IP address for my my machine, it did not like the local host...127. address.

    Handy thing, keeps from having to open windows in the client.

  7. So if they all have to be passive due to the firewall, then doesn't that mean that they can't share files between one another. The joy of having a campus sharing thing is that the whole campus connected as an internal network, so up to 100Mb/s transfers.

    If only the users outside of the campus can recieve files etc, then I think I'll have to re-think my plan

    I'm afraid that is the case......unless you can find a way to work around the campus side firewall.

  8. So would there be away to have them as active users, or am I on a looser with this one?

    I run my hub on a remote server from time to time and there is no slow down whatsoever...and yes I use a dynamic updater to hold the hub address on the remote server, all connections to the hub will go through the server IP , It works the same as if you were hosting from on campus. only your not. ...heh

    The way mine is set up I use remote desktop to access the server and start and stop the hub as though it were on my machine You can also run the Apex client remotely in that fashion if you choose, we have a few users who have their home PC set up to run a client and access it from work or school.

    On the client side , if all your users are going to be on campus, I would think you would all be passive due to the fire wall issue, but it will not affect those off campus, the client's..i.e users connect direct to one another, not through the hub...the hub is just the train station, we the users are the train.

    hope that helps ya bud.

  9. I am running Win XP Home.

    I am sharing well over the minum GB of music but when I try to connect I get...

    "No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it."

    Can someone describe to me in layman's terms what I need to do. I really don't understand all the "port forwarding" jargon.


    The reason You get that message is because shnshare.or is shut down...........however there is another shnshare hub made up of the old op's from there.

    If anyone needs the address pm me or email me.

  10. Well, I thought about that, however the user's are all ops on my hub, and we are all using 1.10 apex

    I find a lot of this stuff is software and ISP issues in the long run. It could be the hub software itself I imagine. We use the newest version of Ynhub, and I have it on a dedicated server with a static ip. But it has been very steady and I see no errors showing from that side.

    I have this little thing with the favorite users going on for some time, just waited to bring it up, just to see if maybe it was me or them, or if it would clear up.

    this could be caused by NMDC and it's pesudo CID's, because when you make an nmdc user a fav user it will be hub specific due to the way the CIDs for NMDC users are made.

  11. If this has be discussed before please feel free to slander/browbeat and take away my dc++ for a day.

    I have noticed that I am having some issues with the client remembering users that I have set to favorite, with a open slot at all times.

    I have to grant them a slot no matter what, isn't the client supposed to take care of that?

    Anyone else having this problem?

  12. Ok, just one piece of advice before I leave this topic, I recommend (and it's just a recommendation, your PC, so do as you please) that you DO NOT use UPnP. UPnP is an extremely flawed protocol and for reasons too numerous for me to explain cannot be fixed. I would never use UPnP as it will allow near enough anyone with a 'little' knowhow to access your PC on pretty much any port they wish.

    The decision of course is yours, but I would like you to read the UPnP wiki at least before making use of such a feature. As I have said (too much now in this post) it is VERY insecure, I would just like you to know exactly what you are using before you choose to use it.

    PS to answer your question, it will over-ride UPnP and the hub from changing your ports. However, if you have the 3 port options zeroed this should not cause any anomalies.

    Damn Satan , thanks, I have been trying to figure out that little problem and what you had said about it, this little string made it perfectly clear....thanks

  13. I have found on several occasions that people that have TTH issues with later versions of different clients will have them reduced by a great deal or even eliminate them completely by enabeling multi-source, I don't know why but it seems to work.

    If you could try that and let us know if it helps that would be great.

    (frankly I'm not sure why ppl still believe that tth inconsistency is because of what you share - when in fact its what you download that is causing this, rebuilding the share will not do much good then, will it? )

    :crying: im out of beer (almost)

    Heh, this thing just don't want to go away eh....

    big Mucles post above has a lot of merit, I found this to be the case on tth inconsistency

    Several people were experiencing this problem, it turned out that we were all downloading from the same user and this user had a modem that was doing the dying cock roach thing. After it died completely and was replaced, the downloads started up with him again and the tth thing cleared right up.

    Little glitches in a file transfer can also bring it on. Personally I think it has something to do with Voo Doo dolls and black magic. In other words I think it may proove to be something that we just have to deal with from time to time, somebody mentioned that if you give it enough time it will clear up eventually.lol, yeah after hours and days of tossing around ideas and trying this and that it will clear up.

    In the case of a corrupted file the rebuilding of your hash index will work, but not so with a hardware problem. Thanks for taking this little problem as far as it has gone though, this is how we end up with a better client.

    Pass me one of those beers would ya?

  14. No what i meant was i cant connect to ANY HUBS....when i try and download the hublist it doesnt even work...that stupid "No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it" keeps happening...and mire firewall is fine...i made sure apexdc++ is on the exceptions list but i dont thats the problem...this has been going on for AGES... :crying:

    have you tried to install a fresh copy of apex?....

    something may have happened when you installed it, maybe corrupted it somewhere along the line.

    also make sure that you type in the hub address you are trying to connect to, don't use copy and paste, sometimes that will not work.

    IN the settings also make sure you put in a user name that you will use and also on the favorite hubs settings must have a user name,

    give those things a going over, and see if it helps.


  15. Thanks for your replies so far.

    I certainly know is not my WAN IP but only my LAN gateway, it sounds like it can't get past my gateway or something.

    Although, it now correctly shows me as having Apex, and I can also connect actively, but my IP still shows as wonder if the problem will arise again (of having to connect passively)

    I've always had my client computer (and server computer) as static reserved address in router.

    Something's definitely wrong in some way.

    seems like I have seen this before, are you connecting to your hub through the IP or through the hub domain name?

    If you are connecting via the IP try just going in through the domain name, that may help, I assume you are using something like no-ip to hold your domain.

  16. Your Wan IP is never thats the gateway

    Right Oh on that one, ya need to find out the ip of your machine and enter that in your port settings in your router...I found it best to just go ahead and set a static ip for my machine, saves a tone of resetting.

    in case you need to know how to do that, just use command prompt and type ipconfig

  17. Message is only moved to sent box if you opt to save such copy when sending a message afaik :P

    Regarding lack of response, it might be that when the notification about the new message arrives I've been busy and then before I get a chance to reply I have managed to forget about the message already.

    Doh!!.......it was me....got to turn on send a copy of message to me thingy....so sorry1

  18. I sent a couple of private messages to Crise and nothing seems to be getting through from my account Mgr.

    At least they are not showing in my sent box. Anyone else having that problem?

  19. Ok, but how do I open them?Thanks.

    which one? windows or router?

    if you are running xp got to your window firewalls setting and open a tcp and udp port for apexdc++..if you have XP you will find it in the control panel.

    If you are behind a router, you must have both the windows firewall, either open or turned off, then get into your router setup, in the port range forwarding.

  20. How can I search in passive mode or what can i do with my firewall?I tried disabling it but the same results .So what can I do about teh ports? Thanks.

    It sounds like you need to open ports for your client, either in your windows firewall settings, or if you are using a router, in your router.

  21. Ok, thanks.

    OK satan, toast and the rest of you....I know your sick and tired of this topic, and frankly, so am I, but that does not change the fact that we are still having this problem, there are at least 4 other folks with apex in my hub that has the same issue.

    We have all taken the steps suggested in here and the problem will stop for a time and start right back up again. I am finding it very hard to believe this is strictly a user problem...I know that i have started from scratch, fresh install and complete hash rebuild...several times.

    I think this things needs to be looked at a little more closely and not just pushed off on the user...Just my humble opinion. I do know one thing it is damned annoying.

  22. seems kinda odd that if you have it all turned off, yet you still are segmenting or multi sourcing.....I have used every copy of apec thats came down the pike and it has worked for me....Maybe try grabbing another copy of the client and do a fresh install, or stick with dc++.

  23. For months I have been using apex dc with no problems, suddenly yesterday I started getting tth inconsistency. I followed the suggestion of rehashing, but between my dsl dropping connection several times a day and the remote user closing the connection several times a day it would not be feasible for me to have to spend an hour rehashing files several times daily. Are there any other suggestions?


    I re-did mine and it has been smooth as silk....I get dropped a lot also on the ISP side. It appears that re hashing has solved the problem for now, it may be a cumulative problem with consistant drop outs, only time will tell I suppose.

    Your lucky on the hour rehash time though, try a day or a good part of it, an hour would be a blessing.

  24. Just out of interest, are the affected users on ADSLMax or 2+ with fastpath on?

    I only ask because I have had similar problems with fastpath on when my connection was upgraded to 6Meg, when I was on 2Meg the prob never presented itself. Turn FP off and the probs go away....just a thought!

    Well it is not on, on my side, I'll check with the other users though, I barley get 1.3 mb out of my nose bleed connection....lol