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  1. Disappeared "Update IP on startup"

    It doesn't seem to work properly with dyndns either... something's fishy.
  2. Disappeared "Update IP on startup"

    ok, I switched to dyndns... Thanks!
  3. Disappeared "Update IP on startup"

    Enabled DHT, enabled "Update on DHT check, etc" and still nothing. You won't add it due to cosmetic reasons? That's nonsense. One usefull feature should be there.. I really don't get it. I am now getting blank IP... ;)
  4. Can't download properly

    I can't even download anything... this version is really messed up and you're forcing us to use it.
  5. Disappeared "Update IP on startup"

    How to enable DHT ?
  6. Disappeared "Update IP on startup"

    Unfortunately that option is gone and apexdc++ works very badly this way. It can't succesfully update my IP on startup and I can't use the client properly. Many users can't connect to me and I get disconnected from hubs due to wrong IP. I think I should use 1.2.2 again, or are you going to fix this issue somehow?
  7. apexdc exceptions bug

    Anything new here ?
  8. apexdc exceptions bug

    I attach the bug info I got when ApexDC crashed. I use Windows 7 x86.
  9. Thank you! I hope this is soon. :)
  10. Hello! Will the final version of ApexDC++ 1.2 have full support for Windows 7 ? Thank you!
  11. Released: ApexDC++ 1.1.0

    Thank you for this realease. Nice work.
  12. 1.1 Beta Details

    ok then. I'll wait for the final release.
  13. 1.1 Beta Details

    Ok... but I have some reasons to test it as I firstly reported this bug here: :(
  14. 1.1 Beta Details

    I did so 3-4 days ago and still nothing... no download link. :(
  15. [Crash][1.0.1]when trying to kick

    Ah, I see. Thank you! I can't wait for the fix. :)