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  1. searchable offline filelists

    I have been looking for this very feature. Some implementation thoughts on this offline-search: - should be optional (default equal to the option "Don't delete file lists when exiting") - should be in separate thread with idle-priority set Consider following situation: we have small local hub, with most users sharing staticly or not changing too much, so the files are almost guaranteed to be in users share, when they come online. The offline-search provides perfect solution. The "Don't delete file lists when exiting" should have quota option, deleting oldest file first on quota exceeded.
  2. cant download from sdc2.21

    Thanks for info, I will try to fix this and report back. Shouldn't be there some kind of warning (maybe even with a suggestion on how to correct the situation), that my settings are not correctly set up (instead of silently ignoring)? This could prevent users not aware of what-the-heck-is-TLS downloading. EDIT: Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, after disabling the TLS support (in the settings -> advanced -> security) I was able to download from users with Sdc2.21. Feel free to close this topic.
  3. cant download from sdc2.21

    Hello, I have custom built ApexDC1.2.0b (passive) and can't download from user with StrongDC 2.21 (active-portforward). My client sends the revconnect, receives connectome, but does not even try to connect (I used wireshark to check this). This happens with ApexDC 1.1.0 and even with StrongDC 2.21 when used as client. The StrongDC 2.03 does not seem to have this issue. Can anyone confirm this behaviour?
  4. Hot keys manager

    I did not really get it - what did you do last year?
  5. waiting users priority

    -1 The "Upload Queue" is not a real queue, instead it could be called "Users Waiting for Free Slot Log". NB: uploads/free slots are assigned to the first user to connect. First I shall say, this breaks the "fairness" of the DC++ downloads, though, I can see that I would like to favor my friends/favs using this feature. Nevertheless, client implementing such behaviour could easily get banned. Nevertheless, (partially) implementing "waiting users priority" IS possible - by introducting a delay in connection response to normal-priority-users (developers should answer the question wether there is such part in the communication of clients where this delay could be placed) which would not kick in, if the user were a high-priority one. The priorities could be of any levels, delaying all the users for 15 secs, then granting the slot to the first-come-highest-priority user. This would slow down the connection process (and would allow OPs detecting such technique) and have the client have a lot more half-open connections. Lets have three clients: A - sharing some downloads, has one free slot B - normal priority client C - high-priority favourite client connection diagram would be: (connect X <-> A) A -> X (who are you?) X -> A ("I'm B") (A waits, with 15 sec response-timeout in any high-priority user could connect and gets the slot instead of B, if noone connects, B gets the slot) (meanwhile connect Y <-> A) A -> Y ("who are you?") Y -> A ("I'm C") A -> X ("No free slots") (disconnect A <-> X) A -> Y (continue normal downloading)
  6. Dynamic IP's with ApexDC++

    Time to live (or time to cache) for DNS entries at DynDNS.org is 60 seconds for ordinary "dynamic" entry (other dynamic DNS services may have different time-to-live timeouts). So, if you reconnect to hub before its 60 seconds timeout for DNS record, it will have your old IP in cache and you will get disconnected. (some badly configured hubs may have static DNS caches, or static TTL for cache records - the timeout on those hubs may vary)
  7. Grouping Hubs

    +1 .. there could be even submenus if the hub has right-click menu the mentioned thread link: http://forums.apexdc.net/index.php?showtopic=1166
  8. Global hotkeys

    For automation via hot-keys I use AutoHotKey (freeware) which comes with a nice macro recorder (so you don't have to learn its great scripting language ). You record your mouseclicks and keyboard typing, while setting lower limits, then save the script as "ApexDC_lower_limits.ahk" somewhere, create link to this file on desktop and add a keyboard shortcut to this file in its shortcut properties (you can add the keyboard shortcuts directly to AHK, check the help). Follow the same procedure to create shotrcut for "normal limits" (don't forget to add commands to winamp to play the "Download limit decreased" ) and you have just achieved your holy grail. :)
  9. Hot keys manager

    This can be achieved via external macro-recorder like AutoHotKey. (Almost) everything you can do via your keyboard and/or mouse can be done with this little app (which comes with a nice macro-recorder). Though, this is only a workaround and there may be some situations this cannot be used (where the AHK would have to use some app-specific info, like the position of a nick in "Remove source" context menu), so sw should implement keyboard handling on its own.