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  1. [Apex 1.0.0.B3] Emoticons not working

    That was the solution. I think that a pack of emoticons should be selected by default (Peerweb' set preferably). Noctis: I used the binary tu upgrabe from Beta 2, so emoticons were already installed. After noticing that I couldn't use them I uninstalled Apex and reinstalled it with the Beta 3 setup, and faced the same problem.
  2. Hi, I installed B3 today, everything seems to be fine, except that when I click on the emoticons icon near the text input bar nothing happens, and text shortcuts are not converted in emoticons. Yeti
  3. Hi, Just installed 1.0.0B, on windows Xp. If I don't select 'Display full info for filelists in download queue' then everything is fine. If I select 'Display full info for filelists in download queue' and have a look at the download queue while the filelist is being downloaded Apex closes. When I reopen it the filelist is not in the queue anymore and it works fine.
  4. Sorry, did not see it. Dunno what is SDC cvs, all I can say is it's still there in Apex 0.2.1
  5. Oh, and when I close Apex with this unclosable window, then restart it, it tells me there is already another instance of Apex running. So I have to manually kill the process with windows task manager. I'm running windows 2k.
  6. Hi, Apex downloads a filelist from a user (either because I selected download filelist, or automatically because the user has a file I am downloading). The user goes offline, or the transfer is interrupted for another reason before the filelist is fully downloaded. Later on I open the filelist using file/open filelist, the filelist windows open, with only the user name and 'Loading file list, this may take a while if the list is large' in bold in the status bar. And the window remain like this, and cannot be closed. In order to close the window I have to close Apex. Even if the user comes back online, I fuly download the filelist, when it opens it goes to this window, the file list not being loaded, and the window still impossible to close.
  7. Wikipedia link

    I don't see this feature in the development page, has it been finally rejected? Thxs Yeti
  8. Released: ApexDC++ 0.2.1

    Same for me, with the binary, CRC failed for ApexDC.pdb.
  9. [Crash] Crash when reading text commands

    Worked fine (disabling the popup preview and notification when a PM is sent), thanks.
  10. [Crash] Crash when reading text commands

    It also regularly crashes when receiving PM from bots. Did not have any problems with ApexDC++ 0.1.0
  11. Hi, When I type +rules (or another text command) on some hubs ApexDC++ crashes. On other it's fine (no problems when typing +rules in the Tech-Geeks Online support hub). So I guess it doesn't support something in some text commands, but did not find what.
  12. Hi, "Stolen" from DC++ forum: So it seems there is no equivalent of small send buffer in DC++ anymore, and that DC++ developpers won't bring back this very useful feature, which could mean reverting to Peerweb for many users :ermm: .
  13. Hi, On some hubs (the one I OP for example), when I right click on any nick in the user list (even chat rooms) I have the option Ignore User. On other hubs (including some running YnHub like me) this option is not available when I right click on a OP and/or a bot, which is quite annoying when the bot sends a message every 10 minutes. Anything that can be done about this? Thxs.