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  1. Fastest Download Speed?

    My fastest DL with my 24/1 line is 1.6Mb/s downstream and about 400 upstream on DC... But this is not regular speeds, mostly I get 100kb/s, guess I find all the low speed sources
  2. 1.0.0B4 Search in Results bug

    Shouldn't it stop sorting results once I erase the keywords and hit enter again? It has before... But now it keeps filtering out search hits not meeting my "Search in results" criteria.. This is a new thing for the B4, worked fine on B3 all the way back to 0.4.0...
  3. Your browser of choice

    I use IE 6 and Firefox. IE for general use and Firefox for various other things where IE don't work...
  4. PM Request....

    I would like a PM request for the downloads in the statusfield... IE MassPM, so if I'm downloading a file that 20 people is sharing I wanna be able to ask for a slot from all of them... OR for that matter, ask them a question... Is it possible to implement in the client?
  5. Share request

    I'd like the possibility to set up different shares for different hubs. IE in public hubs I don't want to share 500+ gb illegal material, not completely risk free. Just a luxury thingy, can always set up a 2nd client for those hubs I hate, problem is I can't seem to get 2 clients to work at the same time, opening ports here n there but nothing works...
  6. File list problem in 0.4.0...

    For the time being I've gone back to 0.4.0... But all of a sudden my client wont stop taking peoples filelist... It keeps getting it, over n over n over.... I know it's multisource but it's never behaved this way before.... Can it be a box I've checked or has the client just set out to drive people insane?
  7. Connect to Hub in Queue

    Well, I have no experience or knowledge in coding, but shouldn't it be possible to just have that info saved in the queue too? (Which hub you found that specific user / file in originally)
  8. ApexDC++ Wallpaper contest

    Yeah, I love that one.... beautiful....
  9. Show us your desktop

    DOD is great, never played source though, one of a few steam games I don't have.... And here is my HUGE desktop.... Shot at 2007-07-27
  10. ApexDC++ Wallpaper contest

    Greg, that blue one was great, although just a tad lighter blue color on the background of it wouldn't hurt... Get some contrast to it, but not too much...
  11. Best public stealth client ?

    Yeah... OR someone who eventually gets the word has that movie in his/her shelf at home and rips it for me.... If you haven't noticed it yet... People on DC help eachother out, but I guess you're too busy popping in and out of hubs searching for your own stuff to notice... And torrents suck ass when it comes to older movies.... Too many leechers...
  12. Game: Guess the movie

    I'm guessing Merlin on this one, have never seen anything like this that I can recall....
  13. Best public stealth client ?

    You want to talk rare items to download? I'll give you a rare one, Sahara.... From 1995 with James Belushi. I've been searching for this movie for 5+ years, and I have yet to get a stealth client.. Just spread the word, ask people for help and you'll get it if it is available....
  14. Share request

    Yeah, but then you have Germany's autobanh with free speed (meaning drive as fast as you want). Too bad, would've liked to see this function in a client... Cause as it is now if you're in a rar hub that wants rar only, you'll have to set up 2 clients, or ditch all files not rar...
  15. tth alts

    As far as I've gathered it's cause the client sets out to get a certain piece of each file from each user. And once it has gotten that one piece it'll remove that source from the queue...
  16. Game: Guess the movie

    I have seen it, isn't it australian or something like that?
  17. Simple Question

    It works for me too.
  18. Share request

    Too bad, oh well, started up 6 clients last night, see if it will work in the long run
  19. Share request

    is it too hard to do or would it just eat too much memory?
  20. Game: Guess the DC++ client

    My guess would be AirDC...
  21. Game: Guess the movie

    Haha, I haven't seen that movie, but I'm guessing Bowling for Columbine
  22. Game: Guess the DC++ client

    Looks like something I tried years ago... can't remember the name.... winmx?
  23. Game: Guess the movie

    Getting it as we speak, trusting you
  24. Can we compile a list of clients that has probs with apex? Could be useful, maybe have a list to work on to minimize the number of clients not playing well with ours....
  25. Apex not working well with some clients...

    Can't hurt to know which clients don't work well with Apex. Seeing as people sometimes are really slow with updating their clients, there are still knuckleheads out there who use 0.401 and even older... Also, I've met people who use zk as a share client. And I know people who insists that Apex don't work with anything (almost). Now I know otherwise...