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  1. Downloading

    Usually the Downloads folder ends up in the settings folder, for me anyway...
  2. AML ADL RAR hubs

    Nice ADL, first hub I tried it in I found a user sharing child pornography. I've modified mine a bit, seems it isn't all that RAR though. I added searches for R5, PDVD, DVDSCR and the obvious .media.exe files (viruses). It is however really good at finding sick porn, so thumbs up Toast. I will be adding Faces of death and similar to it as well as nazi/racist material
  3. Check File List

    What function does Check File List have? I've clicked it a few times in the right click menu, but doesn't appear to do anything, is it just to locate fake share? And if so, can't it be so that the Check File List command also crosschecks the share with your ADLSearch and shows possible hits in a PM?
  4. Ignores don't stick?

    I've recently added some incredibly annoying people to my ignore list... However, after rebooting I can once again see what they write... Is there a way to make it stick so I don't have to re-add them to my ignorelist after each reboot?
  5. I liked that list, not a single swedish ISP on it, guess we're blessed over here...
  6. Steal a fuldc feature?

    Well, it's a fun little feature to have but yeah, it's noones buisness what you use or don't use your discspace for... Would it be hard to implement it into Apex?
  7. ADLSearch for Apex?

    It appears to be working, although I cannot find many if any users in the hubs I'm in that have any such things in their shares... But if you manage to develop it a bit I'd be happy to try it with other more common things, IE too big and too small files...
  8. Automatically connecting to hubs?

    Is it the Apex support hub? I think it's in there by default but it's almost always full. But you can uncheck it in your favorites if you want to, then it wont pop up when starting your client...
  9. ADLSearch for Apex?

    I've checked it, but the item's it looks for aren't common in priv hubs or the 1 public I am in. But I'll keep checking and see what it can find...
  10. Steal a fuldc feature?

    Haha, well, I choose the word steal cause it is a fuldc / airdc option atm, but I guess it can't be that hard to make such an option for apex, or implement it into the /stats function so it shows Free/Total HDD along with all the other stuff
  11. ADLSearch for Apex?

    Sure, I'll help out
  12. ADLSearch for Apex?

    Hey Toast, can you teach me how to write ADLSearches for Apex? Or how to transform for example FulDC's 0ndjultomte's so it works in Apex?
  13. Steal a fuldc feature?

    I would like to have a function in Apex that FulDC and AirDC has, the /info which gives you Free/Total HDD, not really necessary, but a fun thing to have. Is this possible to do without adding too much strain on the client?
  14. ADLSearch for Apex?

    No worries... I'm not in a rush..
  15. ADLSearch for Apex?

    Sweet, thanks Toast, can't wait =)