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  1. I need a little help...

    All the clients I try to start, even the older Apex ones crash on me. What can I do to get Apex working again? What can be doing this? All clients, 0.4.0 and 1.0.0b4.. I have 3 apex clients on my computer, all of them crash.. I'm having a hard time seeing this as a client problem rather than something else, xml files maybe? Going nuts here...
  2. Crash [1.0.0B4]

    and now, all my other versions of apex crash too, and wont re-open...
  3. Crash [1.0.0B4]

    And now after deleting the XML files my 1.0.0B4 client works again.
  4. Crash [1.0.0B4]

    sweet, thanks ice, can't wait for a fix :P
  5. Crash [1.0.0B4]

    I've also heard it can be bad xml files, going to try deleting the old ones and then starting the client again and see if that helps...
  6. Recently I've been bombarded with comments like "Why are you sharing with an OP client?".. Is Apex a pure OP client or a share client?
  7. Crash [1.0.0B4]

    Is there anything else I can do now that I've tried removing Hashindex and Hashdata? For the time being I've gone back to 0.4.0, it's working but I had to readd all my favorite hubs.
  8. Apex 1.0.0B4 an OP client?

    OPs often share, not so much in public hubs, atleast not the ones I've been in. Basically you've said what I said to them, it's a well stocked client. Equally suited for both purposes. Atleast from what I've found while using Apex.
  9. Crash [1.0.0B4]

    I tried, but it still crashes. I'll have to change to 2 clients until there's a fix for this, 1 OP and 1 Share...
  10. Crash [1.0.0B4]

    Rebooted, but still get the same crash as far as I can see... Is there any other client that automatically find open ports on it's own?
  11. Share problem...

    I got it sorted by creating new folders with the same names as the ones I moved from the old directory and then unchecked them in Settings - Sharing. Then I was free to add the new Virtual Directories in the new location. Got to remember this when I buy 2 new discs in the next months..
  12. Share problem...

    It seems like I've been struck by a case of "forgetting-sh*t". I've recently bought a new 500 gb disc which I've hooked up and added to be shared. Moved a few files already shared to this new disc to free up space on the built in disc, which will result in the computer running smoother. Anywho, I moved the files, tried to add them to my share and get this "Virtual directory already exist". Had a small time out from DC and internet for a while and I've tried remembering what to do, but nothing pops up. Do I have to delete HashIndex to sort this? Or can I simply add folders to the existing directory which will fit the Virtual directory and then uncheck them in the Settings - Sharing before deleting them? Hope I didn't make a mess out of this, woke up about 15 minutes ago and checked my share, got sick and after a short "reaction" I decided to fix it, somehow...
  13. Ignore PM's from users?

    Doesn't the ignore option you find in Settings - Advanced - Misc block PM's as well as in main chat?
  14. Share problem...

    What I did was that I created a new folder inside my previous shared directory on disc C, then I could remove the virtual folder too, went to new disc G and added the moved folder with the same name... So smooth... But my share still looks like poop on a stick, but that's my fault...
  15. AML 3.06

    Thanks, worked like a charm once I added the right link...
  16. AML 3.06

    Just replace old files with new? (except for myinfoprofiles which I don't have at all).
  17. List of requests

    Wouldn't a "true" connection timeout affect all the clones? And not just the "surplus" ones? How I understand what he's saying is that he can't download from the same user in multiple hubs (multisource one user so to speak). Same user in 4 hubs for example, and only 1 will work all the rest timeouts, sounds odd to me, but then again, I haven't been around dc for very long and have probably not seen all there is to see...
  18. List of requests

    I agree, especially with Program files and Windows folder. It'd be nice to see a sign when trying to add those (even if just a parent directory) "This folder cannot be shared". Even if it is every single users own choice whether or not to share sensitive information it is oh so annoying to find users who share their entire C drive with nothing but junk.. Sort of make Apex "junk proof". Although I have just about never seen a total noob use Apex you can't eliminate that fact. Can't be that hard to add that, or atleast an advisory that tells users a short warning of possible risks of sharing such things.. Just my 2 dollars n 15 cents...
  19. [Minor Bug][1B4]Sharing

    Maybe then add another button with "Do not share this folder", I have also clicked wrong, most often on my external disc (sharing the recycled folder isn't a big deal but still)... I think there should be a function that would cancel the adding of a directory (before hashing).
  20. 1.0.0B4 Search in Results bug

    And now all of a sudden, it works again... Weird...
  21. I just noticed this one when searching for some music, trying to narrow the results down a bit... I type something into the "Search in results" field and it narrows it all down... But when I erase everything in that field and hit enter, nothing... it keeps filtering the results...
  22. I understand the frustration over the same users having multiple of your slots open, but as long as you have decent upload speeds on both it's no worries for me... However, would I have the misfortune of finding a user who uploads with both slots at below 200kb/s I'd PM him/her and tell them that I cannot occupy a slot for them because of their speed and the estimated time it would take. (My waiting users queue never goes below 30 people). So I'd disconnect 1 of them after letting him/her know and let someone else have that slot...
  23. 1.0.0B4 Search in Results bug

    Just thought I'd let ya know, can always do a more refined search to begin with
  24. My Top 20 used Programs

    I use Bitdefender 9 Professional Plus DaemonTools MSN ApexDC++ Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox (for some sites that don't play well with IE) Counterstrike Day of Defeat (+source) Wordpad hkSFV Winrar VLC (for everything but music) Winamp (for music) Adobe photoshop Imgburn Nero Express (for those files Imgburn can't handle) MessengerDiscovery Live
  25. Easy Language Selection Option

    Would be really nice to have a choose language option, I often switch between Swedish and English, depending on mood. I have started translating Apex into Swedish, but many words can have multiple meanings and I'm trying to figure out which one to use. (anyone who wants to help me can PM me for a list of words I have q's about)