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  1. New ApexDC++ Dock Icon

    nice one :)
  2. Top 5 Favorite Music Bands

    what is your top 5 favorite music bands ? here are mine:) : 1. EnsiferuM 2. Children Of Bodom 3. Manowar 4. Iron Maiden 5. System of a Down
  3. Protected profiles from checks

    that would be a good Feature :D
  4. tell us who you are

    Nick: Snak3y Gender: male Age: 16 [17.01.2007] Country: Romania Hobby's: basketball, mmorpgs, dc++ :crying: On DC since: Dec. 2006 Best thing what happened on DC: when i was promoted to vip/op in TGO lol my first hub. i was very happy because it was my first vip / op in a hub: Worst thing what happened on DC: well .... when i start using ptokaX and Grimoire Script . Grimoire has a "flood" command lol. first time i didn't exactly now what that command do ( i knew what flood means) ... and i entered with 2 different clients on my own hub and started flooding me from first client with that command : )) ... hub and client crashed.
  5. Game: the little log story

    hey guys ...on a forum i saw this game lol i give 3 words .... the next member add another 3 words etc etc and at final we get a ''little long story'' each member has to copy the text and add the new 3 words example: member1 write ''a b c'' words member2 copy ''a b c'' and adds ''d e f'' --> "a b c d e f" etc understand? start *edit* name "the little long story" not "the little log story" i wrote wrong and don't find a way to modify the title
  6. Your South Park Avatar

    i can't se Calum's southpark avatar only this :|
  7. My Top 20 used Programs

    i donno what is my top 20 used programs i have few programs and i use them all maybe they are mozilla firefox apex dc++ winamp photoshop yahoo messenger msn messenger total commander microsoft word daemon tools nero uTorrent Samsung PC Studio No-IP DUC YnHub
  8. Fastest Download Speed?

    i download with 150 kB/s internet and 10MB/s LAN ^^
  9. Password Generator

    i will try but it's too difficult for my simple mind ... jokeing :P
  10. Password Generator

    but for new users.... they don't know what is Favorites.xml lol
  11. Password Generator

    lol you can't see the password if it will be generated in the password filed of the hub propeties
  12. Password Generator

    it will be cool for next version of apex beta to add a little program with password generator it will be more easy to get a password lol ... you don't have to think at the password like in zK++ lol
  13. Tab Colors

    this is a great idea and will be much easy for OP :)
  14. Released: ApexDC++ 1.0.0 Beta 4

    still running and no crashes or bugs :) "Keep It Real" (Ali G.) lol
  15. Happy Birthday Greg!

    i didn't knwo it was 1 day after Greg's bday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY SATAN !!!!!