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  1. Plugins for ApexDC++

    I'm going to add AIMP support seperately
  2. Plugins for ApexDC++

    Ah been a while, just uploaded a new rev of the MediaPlayer plugin that includes initial support for MPC... it's pretty static for now so not changeable until I add more params to it (it's defaulting to "NP > %[title]" for now) but confirmed working on windows 7 x64 so it's pretty hopeful for the time being (I tested this on MPC v. (26670d7) (blitzkrieg) for what it's worth) EDIT: hopefully a intermediate build will hit the builds archive because i need some testers who are on various platforms (xp, 8+ please? ), so when that build hits the build archives ill post a link at the soonest possible time
  3. release ApexDC++ 1.5.7 security update

    Nope just been relaxing in between semesters, we're working on it now, it fully compiles in 32 and 64 bit modules under mingw now and working out some kinks...staying with using WinAPI was meh-tier but it's a whole lot lighter because of it so I'm feeling invigorated again
  4. release ApexDC++ 1.5.7 security update

    as of the past few months I've been handling the MediaPlayer plugin and I admit being on hiatus for that time, so give me a few hours today to fix some issues im having with the builds and I'll try to get a new version of the plugin out tomorrow at the latest
  5. AndroidDC

    If it's banning over that then the $Key isn't being generated correctly, and yeah the tag should properly have the V: in tag for NMDC hubs
  6. ban

    eh it was only a 3 day ban just wait 72 hours, unfortunately the others couldn't tell you that...
  7. ZLIF support

    Ok so last night me and flipflop worked on getting ZLIF working, I have made a patch for DC++ and it works, this same patch applies for apex as well ZLIF patch
  8. Weird problem, I made a plugin (description of it isn't really important) but when the plugin is loaded in DiCe!++ it works fine, I loaded it in Apex 1.4.3 on my side it works, fine but other users are having an issue (they are all running 1.4.3) get something about the dll being invalid any ideas? Issue fixed seems GUID creator isn't so random =)
  9. MP3 files losing their extension

    I don't think the installer would have any bearing on whether a downloaded file is stripped of its file extension I would think if it is just a plain file (non 8.3 or long file format) without an extension this sounds like a core bug =)
  10. Released: 8 million downloads, 1.4.3 is here

    somebody screwed up the version.xml =)
  11. StrongDC++ GUI rewrite

    Lee it's awfully funny you say it, I don't need access to your svn to know and anyways it seems most of Apex's recent stumbles are directly related to you so stick where you belong, marketing, just because you paid people to do work (and let's be honest you tell crise what you want so let's cut the crap there as well) doesn't mean you know what you're talking about so all your points have become moot, not to just me but to a lot of others. Oh and P.S you may want to fix your source up a bit ... having your sln names still reflect as StrongDC.sln ... you should at least change that to reflect your projects respective name...
  12. StrongDC++ GUI rewrite

    I can pull up direct logs where lee was complaining about certain commits by BM to StrongDC svn, in regards to apex making money, well i can pull plenty of logs to detail some of the money made by ApexDC's advertising, and the expenditures @ early December spent on paying other devs to come and help with Apex migrating...but I have one question, if you're using StrongDC base, why the hell are you paying devs to come in and do work when obviously from this entire topic it's clear StrongDC's base has been used for ApexDC...well in all actuality Apex IS just a mod of StrongDC in the end ... I completely support BM and Lee when you get a clue on how much work a person spends and the time that is used to create **** like this from scratch than you can complain but seeing as you do nothing but tell what Crise to do and basically act as a marketing person, I nor many others consider your points valid on any level in this topic
  13. Best Anti-Virus solution

    just a quick note, anyone who runs more then 1 A/V scanner at one time is a fool as more then likely it will cause a crash or at least a major internal conflict in the operating system, and anyways there are a few simple solutions to keep your system secure, if you are unsure about a file.. sandbox it r upload to an online av scanner, they run multiple tests through multiple scanners, use a secure DNS of the fastest and secure ones would be Comodo SecureDNS which i personally use and side note of using a DNS besides the ISP given ones is it greatly improves the web browsing speeds since most ISP DNS systems are bogged down and pretty unstable in some cases. Edit. Also I would suggest using a tool called HitMan Pro if you have an *ware/virus problems, as it is one of the best tools that I peronally use in my D2D business as being a software maintenance technician, there are also other good tools for rootkits as well, i.e rootkit revealer and the sort.
  14. NATT Questions!

    Hub and client side support of NATT is necessary, as for my own rate of Pass.<->Pass. connections it worked but there are some rules you have to abide by to ensure this, passive users (a) and (... (a) want's to download file x from (, it has to be serial by which i mean only (a) can download from (, ( cannot initiate a file transfer with (a) until (a) is done. Hopefully you understand everything I said, as for increasing chances of a successful transfer just ensure each other is not downloading from each other same with searching. I forgot to mention the largest part of this post, this is ADC protocol specific, not supported under NMDC. as NMDC will not be worked on anymore.
  15. Suggest features for ApexDC++

    i would like to see maybe a feature for naming tabs in favorites dialogue... and being able to right click a tab so the [%line:Name Tab] modal comes up for tab renaming... it was done in sddc just a request...btw hi crise :)