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  1. disc space error

    here's the deal, downloading a file of large size and when it gets to 77.1 % it fails saying there is no more disc space. All downloads go directly to my EHD and a rightclick--> properties check shows 57.5 gigs left of the unpartitionned fat32 external. Here's the trick I was downloading 2 of these files and both of them quit at this percentage HOWEVER i can still download other material in the meantime of various sizes (though none greater than these 2 files). If there truely was a lack of space I thought of downloading only one of the files assumeing that the 4 gigs taken up by the other would allow the first download to finish. this was proved wrong as it downloaded up to 77.1% again (then it repeats 77.0-77.3 and stops and starts over) I downloaded a total of 18.34 Gigs with this redudant .4% download.. problem is the files are 10 gigs together (5.08 and 5.17). anyone have any idea how this happens??? thx much! Q-
  2. disc space error

    yea realised that after hehe thx i seriously dunno how to back up all my files though no space oh well that's my problem I'll prolly find and borrow someone else's external and isn't it early for april fools jokes? lol it's only the 31st!
  3. April Fools: ApexDC++ 1.0 and PeerWeb DC++ 1.0

    Agreed I see no changes in the program itself, window still says I'm using Apex 0.4.0 as does the user list. but the install clearly said I was installing Apex 1.0.0
  4. disc space error

    Oh btw i'm running apex 0.4.0 but i'm going to download 1.0.0 in like 30 seconds, hopefully that helps my problem. and I am reasonable sure the file is not corrupt as my admin is running the file I'm trying to download and at least 14 other uses on my hub have it (apex finds 14 sources), any other details I can provide just ask! Q-