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  1. Hieno homma!

    oikein hyvää... onkin jo aikaa edellisestä kommentistani tänne... ajattelinkin kysellä tuon jo kauan sitten haikailemani liikenteen ja chatin salauksen kanssa menee... (niin.. kyselin sen perään jo 4 vuotta sitten.. ;D )
  2. Released: ApexDC++ 1.3.1

    woot??? did i read the changelog right?? is there a native 64-bit apex out? if so... i will provide 1(one) internet to the guilty parties..=)
  3. native 64 bit client

    buuhuhuu... now im going to cry miself to sleep... really.... naah... just kidding... and lookin forward to doubling the bits
  4. native 64 bit client

    mmmkae... i was thinking about having a native 64.bit client for my brand new M$ W7 any suggestions, ideas? feel free to explore your minds and the vast plains and the dark caverns of tha holy inthaneth ill check in and steer us away to the future of apex
  5. How good is your PC

    mine says 5,9 but this is so old and slow so....
  6. PM restrictions on forum

    mmkae... thank you for that and let us hope that flooding stops
  7. PM restrictions on forum

    hi all... anyone else got bugged about the PM flood script? bugs me greatly to be able to send 1 PM EVERY 10 MINUTES!!!!! takes too much time to answer my received PMs could you tweak it a bit?
  8. ApexDC++ Official Support Hub - Discussion

    mmmkae.... im havin trouble to connect to the official support hub.... BECAUSE IT IS ALWAYS FULL!!! do something about it or give me priviledged rights to enter it *multiple swearwords* :crying:
  9. Released: ApexDC++ 1.2.0 Beta

    -=[ ApexDC++ 1.2.0B Compiled on: 2008-12-24 ]=- -=[ Uptime: 13 min 2 sec ][ Cpu time: 0:06:13 ]=- -=[ Memory usage (peak): 56,92 MiB (94,75 MiB) ]=- -=[ Virtual memory usage (peak): 59,23 MiB (90,46 MiB) ]=- -=[ Downloaded: 229,99 KiB ][ Uploaded: 43,87 MiB ]=- -=[ Total download: 115,01 GiB ][ Total upload: 626,46 GiB ]=- -=[ System Uptime: 4 days 18 hours 52 min ]=- -=[ CPU Clock: 2658,667214 MHz ]=- no problems yet... running on vista 32bit ultimate... looks fine... more to come
  10. hi... i was thinking of something like this to be an optional way to share... what i mean is that you have to have only 1 client which you connect to all hubs you wish... unfortunately some of the hubs dont allow over 100gb share or some of them require over 500 gb of share (see my problem yet?) so could this be possible to designate a different share to each hub? 1. is it impossible to do? 2. why? (at this point you propably think: hmm.. why no use multiple clients?) and i answer... because it annoys me... =) so i conclude this to this: WHY NOT? ps. crise.. theres something to think over the holidays.. =) o/ asmokki
  11. 1.2 Development Update

    phuuh... writing a e-mail in formal english is so tiring.. =/ BUT I MADE IT!!! =D
  12. free/total hard drive capasity

    hi ya all... i was thinking that would it be extremely difficult to put 1 little feature in apex from the long gone fuldc? that is the +df feature which shows your hard drive capasity in full and free space in main chat... (hint to crise and other staff) also it would be nice to have those +ratio and other stuff too
  13. Hieno homma!

    hippahei hipit.... kävi tuosa mielesä et tekasin tuossa päivityksen 1.033 suomi kielipaketista apexille... pitäs olla tääläki jaosa lähi päivinä.... nii ja DC maailamassahan minut tunnetaan nikillä Piru... =)
  14. ApexDC++ OP

    hmm... tough one this is actually i personally use zK++ because theres no OPapexdc++