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  1. ApexDC++ OP

    Humble appologies if this is this case, however please take note of my observations with regard to d/l filelists from various clients, And as for being a user client, sure, its got some real neat features which i use, but being admin and owning a 15000 user hub i find a lot of my time is spent explaining to n00bs why they get filelist fake check messages, which incedently are only a guide and not 100% proof everyone is faking, and i am a little bit loathed to recommend it since it has bandwidth limiting capabilities. having said that, i think you have been really fair with the way the limiter works and if the fake detector is removed from your "User" client I would recomend it to all users. if theres a sepetate Op client the only thing i would recomend is a comprehensive setup guide or readme, since this is where most Op's and hub owners fail. Thanks again guys, and keep up the good work.
  2. ApexDC++ OP

    Well Well, its nice to see it being called an op client , when any old tom dick and harry can get their hands on it and use it.... pity there was no way of preventing users from getting it since there are some obvious leeching features in apex, like most op clients. Having said that, its a quirky little client that could be a great client. Personally I found dcdm was an excellent op client since all the check and kick functions etc, could be customised and disabled, but above all, the one thing I found with DCDM that was better than apex was the fact it was capable of getting filelists from most clients... Apex has a serious issue here and I have seen many ops kick users for connection timeouts....yup, dc++ ver0.688 the answer was to use a second client to get these lists. So, for me, the way forward for Apex must be to achieve a better success rate for getting filelists from all clients and leave out the obvious cheat functions. any good op on Dc will know 3rd party apps to achieve bandwidth control. Dont think I'm tearing apex to shreds.... I actually see it has great potential but at this time is causing some issues in large user hubs where almost all clients are allowed. Incedently, most ops use this as a normal client setting up only adl searches but not using raw commands and letting the client run on its own checking each connecting user the way you do with dcdm.