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  1. Fix: Why can't I search?

    another reason may be you are on a hub tha requires you to register, and until registered search and download are disabled, in the hub. registering doesn't collect any personal info , and is usually as ssimple as adding the hub to your fav hubs and adding a specific tag to your nick in fav hub properties, reconnect and get a password set by op or bot depending on software used by hub.
  2. Additional hublists

    More hublists: over 2500 hubs listed public and private
  3. ApexDC++ OP

    Ok I"m a fairly new op, but I have tried several clients , Zion blue 2.06, DC.699, ICEDC++,LDC, And Apex. ok Zion has some really good features but seems to have compatibility issues wihth too many other clients, DC 699 is just too basic, LDC works pretty well comaptibility issue with DC++ .698 though, ICEDC++ nearly sasme as apex with a few minor addtional features, like instead of bolding text for inactive notify , I can make the tab background change scolor making it more noticable, features I'ld like to see would be a better and more automatic to find fakeshare and cheaters, and some auto sets for adl.