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  1. Because most people dont look at the screen at the moment they type, and because in the last moment before they press enter new window can pop up in front i think this options should be on by default. I am very addicted to dc++ and i consider myself expirienced enough... I vote for this options to be on! Cheers!
  2. emulation in quick connect

    Nah, I give up. 0day hubs are lame. You are right...
  3. Plugin API

    yes yes... very true. I have been modified some lua scripts so they can work on client side and that gave me a lot of fun. For example utmulti.lua script which react on certain keywords. You can kick, drop, warn people with it... clean main... watch when somebody play something with winamp and then make some effects with commands, ascii... (not talking about apex here)... Whatever i support that, lua or not lua... Plugins has always been good... Photoshop, winamp as software... and... PC became so popular because you can use "plugins" you want to make a configuration of your desire... Plugins - good solution!
  4. Apex reporting as DC++

    I like to be realistic. Wanna check my share?
  5. Documentation

    Sounds mighty good... Hope somebody will do an simple example how to do it... I dont know if this can be done in this moment but would like to do an away message which could say i should be back in "20:35 (+0100)" and if that can be recalculated for the moment PM has been sent "i should be back in 1 hour 47 minutes"... That would be lovely jobely But its just an example... plugins at this time might not be done that way... instead of that some other cool things... whatever... plugins are already here \o/
  6. Plugin API

    I think plugin feature or lua support can give a huge plus if its done properly. If there is no time or will to do it properly in some future period of time better not do it at all... Apex is still good as it is for MOST of users using it...
  7. IMDB

    or bouth :(
  8. They exist long time ago... Clone's DC++ Stats Generator or dC++Lv... or stuff like that...
  9. "trecji broj = broj hubova gde je registrovan kao op/vip" Mozda se na nekim hubovima op nalozi vode kao VIP ali svaki hubsoftware ga prepoznaje kao OP account ili veci... znaci broj hubova sa op nalogom (op, super op, moderator, admin, master, owner)
  10. Apex reporting as DC++

    Yes yes yes... have been talked about that... For your default favorite hubs you can always leave emulation off (just once) ... And that is ok... but when you check some new hubs you might get kicked for having a multisource client in very same second you connect to the hub by the kicking clients or lua scripts... Nobody will see of regular users that you are using apex... Then, you will have to wait 1, 2, 4, 12, 24 hours or more to get a chance to get in in that hub again... Apex is one of the BEST client. Dont need advertising really... Check this topic:
  11. I Think This Should Be Checked by Default

    Yes, yes, exact my thoughts... Thanks for reply! Cheers!
  12. Apex reporting as DC++

    Its an hell of an option to do emulate by default. I support that :)
  13. Client bots?

    Share BOT with upload function for special profile of users and download for all... I guess he wanted to ask something like that
  14. How do I disable update notifications?

    For some users even if you DRAW (screenshot) an option it doesnt help . You CAN turn it off, like Greg said. Anyway you will have a notice in about box if you want to see it... HELP >>> ABOUT ...
  15. ApexDC++ Sounds

    Its an APEX feature... For those who download movies or huge files it is very usefull, for those who download music it is annoying, but thats why there is an option to use it or not. It is GOOD that apex have that option so you can use it or not. Thumb up for development team! :)
  16. ApexDC 1.0.1 not working for me

    Have you checked your firewall? Because .exe checksum is changed firewall might had asked you if you still want to allow ApexDC.exe to access the Internet... (they blocking Internet access for files which checksum is changed to prevent "trojans" to do their job)
  17. For me this one dont work: This is how it looks in main chat window, and it shouldnt be like that I added favorite.xml from old apex v0.4.0, but that shouldnt be a problem since i have restarted client several times and changed setting in its settings several times...
  18. It looks that default ones are ok, but when you try to add some new one (for example tag column) then it cant memorise its position and how much it will be wide...
  19. Looking for new Support members

    I would like to apply as a TESTER only.
  20. Released: ApexDC++ 1.0.1

    Downloading... Hope this one will be OK because i have faith in this project. Good luck in the future team, You did made a hell of a job...
  21. Support VLC Media player

    Bah... I just thought when you can play stop pause skip to next and previous without moving client window... but hey... you are right... thats not that important, there are other nice things which can be implemented...
  22. Steal a fuldc feature?

    You could use free space count only on partitions which are hosting shared files... I never liked in other clients (wont mention names) when he count free space on my C partition or removable HDD where I transfer video projects from work. Those partitions have nothing to do with share and I did get sometimes questions like, when you will fill out that free space, or... why all filled space isn't in your share... that would be original feature i guess...
  23. Support VLC Media player

    Thats reasonable - stability at the first place. We all are looking for that at the first place i think.
  24. emulation in quick connect

    Sorry to say that but only unexpirienced user would like to have tag of multisource client ON when he is cruising for new hubs... When you find hubs you like you can turn on your real tag and probably find out that you cant even enter in some of them because of apex tag. So ask yourself what you really want? To show everyone that you are using apex or to use apex as a client to find things you want on dc++ hubs... I think APEX dont need advertising. He is good by itself. People recommend apex to each other... thats the best about it... It would be good for most of us if that option would stay like it is - with emulation ON. Cheers...
  25. Support VLC Media player

    Glad to got back in here... What about one window which will import playlist from winamp and allow user to move tracks up and down while playlist is running...