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  1. Notification of new files

    Thanks for explanation. I thought about plugin as something that should do "some extra work" which main program is not capable of do. And of course communicate with main program. Perhaps I was looking at it from wrong angle. Edit: Wouldn't it be possible with Lua plugin?
  2. Notification of new files

    Hi Cris, why do you think it's not possible? Let's face the problem. What are the new files in share? It's diff between your current filelist and your filelist before last indexing. So let's pretend that we have plugin which is capable of: store the actual filelist as temporary before each indexing after each indexing take actual and temporary filelists, do the diff and save result somewhere on user command or automatically after indexing send the result to the hub chat What makes it impossible to create such a plugin?
  3. Get ratio information

    The case would be just informational. We have some arrogant people on the hub who download several times more than they share so I would like to know how much really. I was thinking more about TotalDownload,TotalUpload configuration parameters. I know that they can be easily faked but basic DC user doesn't know that.
  4. Get ratio information

    Hi, I have simple question: would it be possible to get user ratio information with plugin?
  5. release ApexDC++ 1.5.6 has been released

    Change: Use DC++ speed limit code and remove unneeded hardcoded limits means - no more download speed limit to 7 * upload speed?
  6. There are so many reasons why this error occurs. For example one hub user find out that his utorrent is set wrong and creates many connections. The router can not handle as many connections so it dropped the connection which reflected by the same error message. This is one of the possibilities.
  7. release 1.5.2 brings requested fixes

    Hi guys, autoupdate doesn't work again? Did I miss something? Anyway, thanks for update and good work. ;)
  8. passive-to-passive connection

    I was also trying it with my friend on our local network. We both have routers and forwarded ports but for this test we set the passive connection with NAT Traversal and it did not work. Hubsoft is Verlihub and we both have ApexDC.
  9. Released: 1.4.2... country flags are back!

    Yes, it's broken. Extracted files have 0 size and are extracted with errors.
  10. search with F3 hotkey

    That's weird, i was definitely trying that combination and it did not work. Anyway, thank you. At least you know new feature. :thumbsup:
  11. search with F3 hotkey

    I can search text in chat window by pressing F3. It will ask to enter search text. The problem is that by pressing F3 again it will jump to next occurence. So i'm asking if it is possible to reset the search text and enter new.
  12. search with F3 hotkey

    Anybody? Do you know what I mean?
  13. search with F3 hotkey

    Hi guys, is there a possibility to reset the search term when searching with F3 hotkey?
  14. I thought that downloading client send info to uploading client about how much data are already downloaded.
  15. Hi, I see people on my hub complaining that this is very confusing and I think the same. I don't know how much of upload remains. For example some people don't want to quit from hub if they see somebody downloading from them. So they are so kind that they stay online for the time when upload finish. Now there is no information about when upload finish.