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  1. APEX DC didn't launch any more

    Hello I just tried a few minutes ago to desinstal 1.5.9 and reinstall 1.5.8 : and it works again I run a 5 years old PC with Win 7 Thanx a lot for your help !! have a nice day phil
  2. APEX DC didn't launch any more

    hello ! I used Apex DC for about 3 or 4 years without ANY sort of problems.. ;-) TLS is on it's a very small community (3 or 10 max people connected) on a private hub But since a few weeks, I can not launch Apex any more... :-( I mean : I click, app seams to lauch.. but nothing come... If i clic on the icon of Apex, Windows says : "this app has stoped, would you like to stop it ?" During this phase : Apex take 50% of CPU of my 4 years old PC... My Anti Virus is Kaspersky (payd) : I use others xchange app like uTorrent, Retroshare, Mipony, Grabbit without any problemes ... so what's the pb with Apex ??? :-( Hope you can help : have you got any idea ?? thanxs a lot for your help ;-)
  3. Released: ApexDC++ 1.0.0 Beta 5

    hi beta 5 did not work properly for me : i can connect on Hub i use to be, but canot check file list, canot download file (connection time out) ... same for one of my friend on the same hub... This hub use 0.20 Alpha 1 R0 of Black DC Hub.... I reinstall beta 4 : work fine... :-) and i did not change any paramters.... seems there is a pb with the beta 5 :-( Thus : I just want to say a GREAT THANKS to the APEX DC community : it's the first time i'm coming here to tell you about a bug... And i use 24/24 7/7 this client :-) Apex is a realy great DC client ! Keep on guys ! :)