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  1. How about matching IP+port? There is no way more than one person can be connecting from behind a NAT using a single port. At one given moment, at least. And even then, what's the worst that can happen? All the clients behind a NAT that want to download from the same user are placed in a queue. Is that so bad that this feature shouldn't be implemented? I can give you one more reason why this feature would be useful: I have 100mbit upload speed. And as you might have guessed, I'm connected to several hubs as are people that try to download from me. Instead of downloading in a single instance with a speed of say ~8MB/s they create 3 connections ~2MB/s each which is not only slower but slows my system to a crawl (unusable even) and also cripples the speeds of other people downloading from me. I can limit the upload speeds but some hubs forbid it and this is kind of running away from the problem... Oh... and it sucks. :whistling:
  2. shared file filtering

    Or even a better solution would be not to use the software, right?
  3. shared file filtering

    My textbox has just "*.!ut;" (without the quotes) and it works fine.
  4. window starting resized

    What button? I just start ApexDC++ and every time I have to resize the columns all over again.
  5. Connection problems

    If they did, they must have only blocked DC++, because ed2k and torrents work fine. I suppose I should plug the laptop directly to the ISP and see what happens. I probably should leave all the settings like they are now? BTW I've tried using the original DC++ client and it had the same problems. I also tried using other ports from the range. Anyway I hope I'll have time to post my results in the evening .
  6. Connection problems

    If I make a search, I get no results (though one time I got one file while another person tried to search for the same thing and he got tens if not hundreds - same hubs). And I have very few uploads to compare to what I had earlier. My shared filelist hasn't changed. I'm behind a cisco router. I've forwarded a range of tcp and udp ports, some of which are in use by other programs and they work fine. Except ApexDC++. So I guess the problem isn't in port forwarding. I've checked that my IP is set correctly in the settings dialog, the ports ar ok. The connection test from the settings dialog ("Check connection") says my connection is fine. Any ideas where the fault may be?
  7. window starting resized

    So any suggestions? Lately I've noticed, that the width of columns in the transfers bar isn't remembered as well.
  8. You mean there is a way to do this already?
  9. shared file filtering

    It would be nice if I could set a mask for files not to be shared - like temporary files made by utorrent (*.!ut I think it is) because if a folder that is shared in ApexDC++ used as a destination folder by utorrent, ApexDC++ starts hashing the incomplete files and denies utorrent write access to it. Besides some hubs go as far as banning people who share temp/incomplete files. And for a lot of other files that you don't want shared. Like for example thumbs.db or similar - you take your pick.
  10. window starting resized

    Me, I was talking about the whole Apex window. Is this a bug or do I have to change something?
  11. window starting resized

    When I start ApexDC++ and then click on the icon in the tray to show the window, it always pops up resized (not maximized). How do I make it always show maximized? Or is this a bug of somekind?
  12. No, I mean how many times *I* have uploaded the file.
  13. No, I didn't mean search stats. I meant transfer stats. How many times a file has been uploaded, and how much data that was.
  14. It would be nice to see what files are most popular among downloaders. And also how much data has been transferred while uploading each file.
  15. So basically the bug is still there and it requires fixing . I tried using the original dc++ client and it doesn't have the bug - maybe the devs could look at their source code.